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Patching, no reboot, More Patching??

  • Question on how patching works....

    Lets assume all client workstations patch on Tuesday at 8pm.
    Lets assume today is Monday (sadly, it is).

    Assume we patch a machine (lets say Windows XP) with a patch (lets say Service Pack 3) via Kaseya's scheduled "Automatic Update" and we do not reboot (patch reboot action says to email rather then reboot).

    We all know SP3 needs a reboot...

    Now, the PC does NOT get rebooted....now it is tuesday night, will patches be installed per normal? Or will the patching be in a "hold" state since the PC is still pending a reboot?

    In case I am not being clear....the information I am trying to get at is:

    Will Kaseya via its normal scheduled patch policies, apply approved patches to machines in a machine collection at it scheduled time IF the machine has not had a reboot from its last patch?

    (note: I understand that a scan is required to determine if patches failed to install or if there are new missing approved patches)

    thanks for helping me understand....I've read all the help and I can't get an answer on if reboots holds up patching or not.


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  • Since the actual patching process is still a Microsoft Installer thing, anything that requires a reboot in order to complete the update will need to be done before any new patches will be installed.

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  • That would be my understanding as well. Oddly, we had a Service Pack get installed....no reboot (don't ask, long story)...and few days later our regularly scheduled patching took place and 7 patches were installed.

    I would have thought that the regular patching wouldn't take place since the Service Pack installation reboot hadn't occurred....and so we are questioning the patching/reboot behavior.

    Can you point me to Kaseya literature on this by chance? Or explain in a bit more depth how it should play out?

    thanks in advance

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  • Are you sure that the reboot didnt happen?

    Windows has a way of getting what it wants - I have seen updates reboot the machine even if you check the box to not Restart. It usually counts down from about 5 minutes.

    I would check the Event logs on the machine to make sure. My guess would be that the reboot did happen, just not when anyone was paying attention.

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  • i'm pretty sure the reboot didn't happen....no event log entries to show a reboot.

    plus, the midnight "uptime" event the day after logged 1,2xxxxxxxxxxx seconds uptime...when i did the math, it was 139 days.

    still, i will take another look as i thought the behavior was odd as well.

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  • I could have been wrong...

    Maybe when Kaseya tells the patch to install with the /norestart switch it strips the reboot flag/requirement from the MS Installer service? A quick look at the first "note" in this help file indicates that is likely. If so, then other patches might be able to install if the machine hasn't been rebooted. However, it also says that Service Packs are installed separately and require a reboot.

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  • Thank you for that link. Odd, I searched that same help file for "reboot" and read everything I found yet didn't come across the page you posted.

    I triple quadruple checked today....

    I've got 3 machines that installed SP2 (reboot settings were set to email us), no email and no reboot (verified in all 3 machines System Event Logs)...and then a week later installed additional patches.

    This is odd for a couple of reasons.
    1. This is the first time we are aware that "post patch reboot required" email did NOT fire

    2. Other patches most certainly DID apply after a Service Pack install with NO reboot in between

    More thoughts?

    thanks again!

    Looking back, I did see that help page. However, I attributed the last line ["Service packs are always installed separately. If you are installing a service pack with other patches you will see a reboot after the service pack install and than another single reboot after all the other patches are installed."] to be referring to when Initial Update is used.

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