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Parsing Windows Event Viewer

  • Hi Folks

    I am having trouble setting up a parser for the Windows Event Viewer / Logs. Documentation indicates that this type of file can be parsed by Kaseya, but I am struggling on the template detail to interpret the Event Viewer / Logs, while they can be viewed in text format, understanding the detail has me puzzled to create a functioning parser.

    Has anyone had success with doing this before, I have been searching but have yielded little detail further.

    To give you an idea what I am trying to achieve, I am looking for a specific event and when/if it occurs to send an e-mail through. Unless there is another way to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance, Cheers Mike

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  • Ability to capture/alert on event logs is already included in Kaseya. Go to Monitor tab, Alerts, Event Logs (from the drop-down list). To filter on specific events use the "Define events to match or ignore" drop-down to create/apply an event set. For details try the context-sensitive help.

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