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How to generate an external URL for a ticket?

  • When a ticket notification comes via e-mail, there is a link to the ticket, e.g., http://myKserver.mydomain.com/?ticId=1234. Is there any way to get that URL shortcut generated from within Kaseya? What I want to do is look at a ticket and then send someone else an e-mail with a hyperlink saying "Please deal with this." I can't copy the URL from the address bar of my own browser, because no matter what the ticket number is, the URL looks like this: http://myKsever/TroubleTicTab/mainTroubleTic.asp?activeLabel=View%20Ticket. And from the Ticket Summary screen, the shortcut to any ticket is simply: javascript:editTicket([ticketnumber],'').

    Any suggestions?

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  • My first thought is to use one of those clipboard shortcut programs (that allows you to assign a keystroke to auto-paste specific text) and then type the ticket number at the end of the link.

    You could put in a suggestion to the dev's as a long term solution.

    I don't use K's ticketing system so I'm sorry if I misunderstand what you are asking.

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  • Why wouldn't you just assign the ticket to that person?

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  • Looks like Kaseya sort of fixed the problem in v 2008. The ticket URL is now displayed as http://myserver/TroubleTicTab/mainTroubleTic.asp?activeId=####, where #### is the ticket number. Unfortunately, this URL will obviously only work for people inside my network, not via the Internet. So I could try to remember to always use the external URL even when logging in internally, or I could just remember to put my Internet domain name in manually.

    The reason I can't simply assign the ticket to someone is that these tickets are getting assigned to a subcontractor and for various reasons I need to be able to cut and paste the URL rather than rely on the e-mail notification of the assignment.

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  • What would be the problem with using the external URL? You can save it as a favorite or as a home page tab in IE7.

    You could also use a scriptlet Favorite item to give you the full link to the ticket if you know the ticket number. Create a favorite link with this URL:

    javascript:ans=prompt('Kaseya ticket number?','Enter Number Here');void(location='http://myKserver.myDomain.com/TroubleTicTab/mainTroubleTic.asp?activeId='+ans)

    Then, when you click on it and give it the ticket number, you'll get the address for the ticket in your address bar to copy and paste.

    Or you could have your contractor save that as a favorite and then you just pass on to them the ticket number and they look it up themselves.

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  • If you have an active directory network or an internal dns server you can create internal dns records that match the public name of your kserver

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