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  • Hi,

    Just want to ask you all regarding email mapping. i am beginner for kaseya Confused. Wht is the idea of email mapping?

    my understanding is, when a ticket is created, it will send to email reader + it will send a copy to user's email (if notify policy is checked) + it will send to any email that we do email mapping?

    For example, i put 1 email to our technician at email mapping (lets say technician 1), and put the filter is application problem and assignee is technician 1, if user send a ticket which is have application problem, it will send the task to technician 1's email address automatically? Is it the idea?

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  • Hi tesvin,

    When a customer creates a ticket through the agent you immediatly know on exactly what system he creates the ticket.

    With email however you normally have no clue where the problem originates. The email mapper can be used to point the email adress to a certrain group or an exact machine. With this in mind the email mapper was created.

    Of course you can also set it to automatically set to a certain status, a specific technician or catagory or any of the other options. The subject of the email can also be used to filter on which emails should be done what.


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  • thx dude, i will test it out Smile

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