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  • Hi all,

    Have a quick question about giving clients local administrators access to Kaseya so they can manage their own desktops.

    if I create a user called bob@companyname.com I have to create a function list for him to restrict access – I then create a role and assign a group to that role – I then assign bob to that role. This is fine however the issue is that if I then want another admin for another company I have to go back and recreate another role and then assign the same function access to it and then assign it to another group and then assign that user to that role.

    The repetition here is setting the permissions. Is it not possible to create a role assign it to a machine group then assign bob to it and then give it permissions that are based on a template so I can use the same permissions over and over without having to recreate them each time.

    Hope this makes sense.



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  • If you create an admin role and give it what ever permissions you want, you can then assign anybody to that role. Then they will all have the same permissions.

    God Bless,

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  • We use two admin roles; one for Kaseya functions and one for Machine group restrictions.

    First we created all of the roles for function access; field techs, helpdesk, customer it personnel, etc. Each one of these has function access assigned and we leave machine group access blank.

    Next we created an admin rol for each customer that required access. We assigned the machine groups for each customer to the appropriate admin role and left the function access blank.

    This made it much easier managing function and machine group access across the board.


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