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Email setup

  • I am having an issue with getting the Kaseya server to send email to me. It I attempt to send a test email to my account the SMTP log doesn't even populate. But if I send mail to an external address, for instance username@gmail.com the test email goes out. Has anyone out there ran into this issue themselves. I am using Kaseya enterprise so the server is located on my local LAN.

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  • I don't think its probably a Kaseya problem but more then likely has to be how your mail server is setup.

    You may have to set your mail server to allow relay from the Kaseya server, we really need more info about your email server setup to be more specific.

    I have Exchange 2003 and I only allow email to be relayed from our SPAM filters and the Kaseya server. If you are running Exchange check your SMTP settings to see if maybe this is the problem.

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