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Staffing levels

  • We are a small company (4 people), and are wondering about our staffing levels.
    If others can share what their staffing levels are like, it would be much appreciated. For example:

    - What is the ratio of staff to machines supported?
    - How does that change VS services offered? Offering remote support only would mean a lower staff to pc ratio than if onsite support is included?
    - How do you decide on your staffing numbers? Do you have a formula that works for you, such as "It takes one helpdesk staff member to support 150 machines".

    We have Kaseya installed on ~550 machines now, and we probably have about 100 more that don't have the agent installed yet. With 4 of us, that load can be difficult to manage at times, especially since we do everything (onsite, remote, hardware parts replacement, etc.). I would expect that 4 people providing remote support only would be able to handle more.

    Any thoughts on the topic would be great.

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  • Of your 4 staff, what technical level are each at? We also have 4 staff, but one is hardware only, one is part timer / admin only, and one is a part timer who's somewhere between level 1 & level 2. That leaves me as the main technical resource which during busy times can get a bit hectic, but we get by! We're still early in the MSP transition process and still figuring things out.


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  • djmundy
    Of your 4 staff, what technical level are each at? ...

    We have 4 people total. Myself and my business partner have the most experience, and act as the level 3 support (although we take issues from all levels), then we have a level 2 tech and a level 1 tech. I am grouping them by skill though, rather than workflow levels. We get so many requests that one level one person cannot take all the incoming requests and then pass them up the chain if he can't solve it. Instead, we all act as level 1 techs if you will, with the level 1 and level 2 person passing things that they can't handle to us. My business partner and I also do everything for the business, manage, sales, marketing, money, etc.
    We are thinking about adding a hardware only tech. Right now if our tech gets assigned a trouble ticket that turns out to be a hardware problem, they will pick up the machine, troubleshoot it, replace the broken part, then return to the client (all while still handling incoming calls, etc). This has worked ok for us so far, but I think it is slowing us down and I'm sure it could be better. We are considering hiring a "hardware only" tech. The thought is that we could have one "expert" at diagnosing and fixing hardware problems, so if a tech finds a problem that appears to be a hardware issue, they pass the machine off to the hardware person to diagnose, replace parts, rebuild if needed, etc.
    Then the machine would be re-integrated by the tech that has the helpdesk ticket for that machine.

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