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ConnectWise Vs AutoTask, again!

  • We are looking at these products and trying to decide which route to go... I've read through the discussion in the archives (located here: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/132/t/2843.aspx)

    What I'm wondering is, where are things today? It seems that AutoTask has matured a good deal since 2007 (as has ConnectWise no doubt) and I'm wondering if some of the complaints I've read are even relevant anymore.

    Would you still choose ConnectWise over AuoTask, and why? Anyone here using AutoTask currently (or recently) and can you share your experience?


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  • Ok, this I believe is a very relevant answer from a possibly relevant test study group. We were leasing the hosted Autotask

    We are a small business located in Vancouver, British Columbia with 3 full time technicians.
    We started Autotask January of 07, great at first (we were coming from nothing) but everything seemed to take FOREVER to do (invoicing, creating a ticket, closing a ticket, LOGGING IN etc) which was a huge burden on us as this software was purchased in attempt to find billable time we weren't billing for.
    With Autotask we were actually giving out MORE free tech, because sometimes it felt as if creating / closing the ticket took longer than fixing the problem (sometimes it actually did)

    I am not going to get into all the nitty gritty problems we ran into with Autotask, if anyone is interested please ping me offline. This was a question of comparison not a trash talking thread.

    Although I will mention one thing, one MAJOR gripe.
    When we signed up, we were told that Canadian taxes would work with their system, we canceled in June of 08, and they still were not working, working correctly (they would kind of work, although the math was way off; which pissed off our accountant to no end and also extremely scary on a large project where a tax was only taxed on certain hours, and at 3.2% not 7% or something ridiculous)

    Connectwise, what can I say. MAJOR difference MUCH better, support has been leaps and bounds better, taxes are WORKING (granted this was a recent addition) invoicing is simple, my employees are praising that Autotask is gone.
    We have increased substantially in billable hours, tickets that used to take 5 minutes to create and close are created and closed within 10 seconds.

    I am only a Connectwise subscriber (onsite hosted) since May of 08 but we are never looking back, Autotask was a complete waste of Quicktech's year and money.
    The above sounds harsh, but entirely true.

    Now the above problems are of course problems we encountered, I have read some companies absolutely loving the product. Autotask could have been not configured correctly on our end (although we did also purchase the Autotask Up! program through MSP??)

    Want my financials up to the minute for this month? Sure, let me click twice in Connectwise here.
    Break it down by tech, sure, one more click.
    Have a look at a ticket from a phone call a client just made about what the problem was, two clicks.
    ALL invoices for a company up to date, another click.

    Do you see what I mean, takes minutes to do things took HOURS and I mean HOURS for some things, please see above "invoicing"

    Quicktech does not use Quickbooks, so I dont know how the integration works there.

    Hope this helps any uninformed


    P.S. Quotewerks integration, products, invoicing; (did I mention invoicing?) Service Desk, E-Mail Connector (must have), Executive Reports...

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  • How well does the ConnectWise - Kaseya integration work?

    I have heard conflicting stories on this.

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  • cw.jpg
    How well does the ConnectWise - Kaseya integration work?

    I have heard conflicting stories on this.

    We are using Kaseya 2008 and latest version of CW and with some working involved we integrated reporting services, Kaseya and ConnectWise.
    For ticketing we are using CW with Email connector for parsing Kaseya email alert send to public folder on Exchange.
    For asset synchronisation between Kaseya and CW we are using CW web service and we don't have any problems.
    Screenshots attached.

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  • we've been using ConnectWise since april 07, and after long discussions and comparisons between Cw and Autotask, we went with ConnectWise.
    the Kaseya integration seems to be solid with the 7.2 release, and we also do alot of custom reporting between our systems.

    For us, we look at ConnectWise like Kaseya. It's a framework for our process and procedures. it follows ITIL standards for auditing and gives us our LOB from client contact to invoicing. we used to spend alot of time teaching our engineers the how's, why's and when's of our processes, now we're teaching the system the process, and our staff on how to use the system. just like network monitoring, we configure alerts and thresholds so that we can catch dropped issues before they become issues.

    We use Quickbooks and the GL integration which has been smooth so far.

    there is nothing like having access to your data with systems that just plain work. ConnectWise is not perfect, and we do get some annoying .Net errors here and there, but theproduct support staff works to knock out the issues fast.

    the audit features in CW are great. The downstream IT component is great to plug client's in that have onsite staff and work on items too. this way you can capture all the work that is getting done, as well as, when they pass the ticket over to you, you'll already have the ticket and notes in the system.

    for us, if it's not in ConnectWise, it didn't happen.

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  • Thanks for the great feedback everyone, it has been helpful! If anyone else has had experience with AutoTask, please post it! It's great being able to ping the community on stuff like this.

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