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Thoughts on 2008 Changs and best ways to monitor?

  • Hi everyone,

    Prior to k2008, we were using "monitor sets" primarily on servers. Restarting and monitoring standard services, tracking performance counters, etc.

    On servers and workstations we were using "event sets" to trap and alert on all Warning, and Errors as suggested in boot-camp, and Empower. We also had an nice ignore set and various emergency sets for things like hard drive failures.

    Quite honestly, in K4.8 trapping all events and having to delete them when a machine had a boot quirk, or some other strange network issue was a lot of work - dramatically increasing workloads whenever we added customers. We really tried not to modify the event ignore set, so we ended up manually processing (close or delete) many bogus event alarms.

    After implementing K2008, we suddenly found ourselves having to re-think many of our processes.

    I really like the idea that some people describe as more state-full monitoring. For example, using monitor sets on workstations - and letting problems come out of alarm automatically if the event is resolved. It was suggested that just doing this on workstations, combined with KES, and Acronis would be good enough. Maybe totally skip event alerts for not emergency issues.

    I'm wondering what are the thoughts of other MSP's on this issue - specifically those running Kaseya 2008. Do you generally alert on all events and build ignore lists? Or do you just use monitor sets to track all computers, even at the Vista, XP level?

    Thanks for any feedback

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  • We use a combination of the two, very similar to what was in 4.8. Monitor and Event sets on Servers and Event Sets on WS's. However, of course, this no longer works the way it used to and we are now forced to change the way our business process works to accomodate the software (something we *ALWAYS* encourage our clients to never do, but alas we are forced to ourselves).

    At this point in time, to maintain our current business process, we are forced to read through logs more and more - something we relied on the monitors for but can no longer.

    I believe the point that is failed to be seen now in the software is that Alarms are Alarms and Alerts are Alerts. There is no distinction between them at this point.

    An alarm is something that should be a in-your-face until it is either snoozed, cleared (problem gone) or otherwise ignored. An Alert should be in-your-face until recognized and acted upon (i.e. closed, or removed)

    Right now this does not exist.

    The fix is coming, but the band-aid solution, from what I hear, is just another monitor. My personal wish for monitoring was posted here

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