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MSP Biggest Challenges

  • What are the biggest challenges facing an MSP today?

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  • In reply to your question, I believe our biggest challenges are finding ways to have all of our applications work together to properly run a managed service business the way it is supposed to be ran. ex. creating monitoring sets for the different apps, having a ticketing system that is more robust than the current one provided by Kaseya, better reporting. We believe Kaseya is a great product, but needs more features, rather than third party apps such as backup, and endpoint security? Or more ways to connect to third party solutions to enhance Kaseya.

    Just my thoughts

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  • I had a vision about 6 years ago of providing "Maintanance Services" on a contracted basis. I was using the tools of the trade that was in our hands then and I had no idea of where it might go or if it would be accepted. I had no idea or had never heard of "Managed Services" at that time. Today, we have the power of Kaseya, Connectwise and a few other tools that we use. I can't even imagine where we would be without these tools.

    Now on the flip side, there are MANY tools, and many ways to use them, properly and improperly. I'm sure in this group we can find 12 different ways to use the collections grouping, and other areas, so in noting of this it is hard to write a software package that will serve the full needs of each users. The more flexable it is, the better it serves across the board.

    Our biggest challenge so far is dedicating enough time to making our packages more benifitial and updating our services. Our second biggest challenge that I feel is making plans that are valuable yet affordable for many of the smaller businesses. The last challenge that I have seen is getting the businesses that we have under contract to understand that "we maintain the system" which means we install/delete, etc. It's easy for most software to be installed on a desktop and some of the companies don't like having to allow someone else to do this for them. They love all the other parts of the program, just the "big brother" parts make them feel uncomfortable.

    I do know that Kaseya is working on the next version release and will have many new features that all of it's users have been requesting. Now it's like waiting to unwrap your Christmas presents, we'll have to just hang in there and wait, but I know we will all be very happy with the new upcoming updates.

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