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Copy a folder from a network share?

  • I have a couple of customers that update applications by copying a whole directory to each workstation.

    Is it possible to script it do this without doing it through XCOPY? I would like to use UNC names or mapped drive.

    i.e. copy K:\updated\ c:\ or copy \\acctg\updated

    Is it possible to mass upload something the kserver and then have it distribute without having to upload file by file?

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  • To script it in the command prompt or thru Kaseya you'd have to use XCOPY as it can do directories and I don't believe that normal COPY can do that (please correct me if I am wrong guys ...)

    Kaseya Scripting would be limited to the same commands, unless you scripted something in Visual Basic ...

    You could however upload a directory and push the directory from the Kaseya server using the "Write Directory" command from Kaseya Scripting.

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