We have had some reports of systems attempting to install MS06-020 followed by repeated failures. We have also observed this on test systems we have.

Improvements to our scan engine to handle complex detectionlogic were provided in (required hot fix level is 116) and in 4.6.2. If you are not running either of these versions, we strongly encourage you to update your system to 4.6.2.

This problem may still persist even after updating to 4.6.2. This is the caused by problems with the patch file itself and not with Kaseya patch detection. Please go to;913433]http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;[LN];913433and read the "Known issues" and the "WORKAROUND" sections. The scenerio in "Known issues" is just an example. We have seen this same problem that did not follow that specific scenerio.

To solve this issue, you can follow either the second or third recommended workaround. The first workaround will have no affect on Kaseya's patch scan.

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