Kaseya Patch Management provides updates to the various versions of Microsoft Windows, selected Windows components, and other selected Microsoft products. The attached PatchManagementProductComparisons.pdf file shows which Windows versions, Windows components, and other Microsoft products for which Kaseya provides patch support. Comparisons are provided for Microsoft’s WSUS, MBSA 2.0, and MBSA 1.2.1. Kaseya will occasionally add support for other Microsoft products in Kaseya product upgrades. Client requests play a significant role in deciding what products are eventually added.

Update support from Kaseya for those supported products and components includes service packs, security patches, rollup updates that included previously released patches and hot fixes, and high priority updates. Our goal is to ensure that any machine shown by Kaseya Patch Management to be “fully patched” when scanned by Microsoft’s Windows Update web site will not find any missing security or high priority updates.

While Kaseya Patch Management is a reasonably comprehensive solution, it does not provide support for certain categories of updates which may be found on the Windows Update web site. On rare occasions, Microsoft might report a high priority update that is really an application and not a patch. An example from May 2006 is the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Tool. Since this is an application, Kaseya does not report it as missing. Installation of applications is left to the discretion of the client. In general, optional updates reported by the Windows Update web site are not supported. The optional updates are typically installations of new versions of Windows components or products (such as DirectX, Microsoft Data Access Components, Windows Media Player, .NET Framework, etc.). While patching these components or products is supported, installation of new versions is again left to the discretion of the client. Other non-supported optional updates included device driver updates.

The final category of unsupported updates is hot fixes. Hot fixes may or may not apply to a specific installation even though the Windows Update web site might occasionally report them. Kaseya does not attempt to identify all possible hot fixes because MS releases hot fixes as a short term solution for customers who actually experience the specific issue the hot fix resolves. The Microsoft knowledgebase articles for most hot fixes advise customers to only install the hot fix if they are currently affected by the issue. Otherwise, they recommend waiting for the fix to be released in a rollup patch or a service pack. Kaseya Patch Management will provide the fix through these rollup patches or service packs.

Clients, who would like to install specific updates not supported above, can use the Installer Wizards and Custom Installer features found under the Scripts tab of the Kaseya application to deploy updates or applications to desired machines.

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