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ConnectWise and the Kaseya API

  • The previous topic for this discussion seems to have mysterious disappeared. I think we upset someone at Kaseya and they deleted it.Kaseya play fair and tell us your side. We've been begging for more information from you.Please, don't try to quiet the users and our concerns.

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  • I wasn't going to even post in the other thread - but to discover it's been deleted absolutely appalls me.

    That tells me something untoward *is* going on.

    Kaseya - you have a chance to comment before the lack of news becomes news itself.


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  • I second Connectex's sentiment. I'm not a Connectwise user, but was following the thread to see what Kaseya's response would be. Deleting the discussion is a bad way to handle it. Addressing the concerns of your userbase would be the more appropriate way to handle it. Some of the things brought up in that thread are relevent whether or not you use Connectwise.

    Bring back the thread and address the concerns. Running and hiding isnot a good way to do business. It makes me wonder about a partner that I'm putting a lot of my trust in to help run my business.

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  • Here is your chance reguarding Connectwise Integration with kaseya.

    If you could make a list and give it to Kaseya, what would your wishes be?

    What would you like to see integrated from / between the two packages?

    I will be giving this as a compiled list to Kaseya Friday am (est).


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  • This isn't the first time the powers-that-be deleted a thread. Pathetic! We've never considered Kaseya a true partner. They're just another vendor trying to push licenses out the door. This reinforces my belief that Kaseya management is completely out of touch with a core constituency of their customer base.

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  • This is really scary that Kaseya management doesn't even feel the need to respond to an issue that is very important to a large contingent of it's customer base. Perhaps further evidence that Kaseya could be more interested in working directly with medium-large corporations than through an MSP partner base?

    The thing that really bothers me is that I want to stay on Kaseya, who wants to throw out the type of major investment we've put into MSP software (I've already done it once with N-Able).

    Now I've got N-Ableasking me to come back, saying they'll earn our business back and I can't help but wonder how long it will be before Kaseya's in the same boat saying to themselves "Why were we so stupid?". When I left N-Able they could care less because they were signing up clients right and left, it took about two months for that to turn around when they stopped listening to partners.

    So unfortunately I guess I'm in the market for another solution unless we hear something back from Kaseya on this in the next couple of weeks. Zenith Infotech is starting to look good, I actually took one of their sales calls. Let's hope third times the charm :-).

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  • I found this post in an old and unrelated thread about ConnectWise vs MS Dynamics...

    far182 wrote:

    Coming from a very bad experience with N-able, whom they think they know everything and try to force all their clients into "n-able's" way of doing business, we are much more careful picking vendors then we have been in the past. I know connectwise is a very successful business, but its very important that whomever is our software vendor takes us very seriously and doesn't just disregard our feedback and/or issues we have with the system because "they don't believe IT should be done that way".

    To my point earlier about Kaseya following in N-Able's footprints, anyone else feel like history is repeating itself?

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  • please visit http://blog.kaseya.com/

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  • Talking extremely negative right now on here sure won't win any brownie points either. I posted last night a chance for all to comment on what they would like to see integrated from Kaseya to Connectwise yet no one has posted any of their wishes.

    How can Kaseya take us seriously if we sound like a bunch of whiny 5th graders?

    Again, please post your integration requests so I can finish compiling this and get it off to Kaseya, they are waiting for my list.

    Thank you,


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  • I've had chats with Arnie on requested features for Connectwise and immediantly he downed my ideas. That way wasn't his way of doing IT, but after discussing why it would be a good idea he warmed up to the idea and decided it actually might work.

    It's easy to complain especially when we don't know all of the "other" information.
    I'm sure you have customers that don't like something you do and would like for you to do it differently, like lower your rates, but they don't see your books and reasons why.

    It all comes down to communications, and while I personally think Kaseya isn't doing a great job right now in communicating to us, I know I could do a better job myself so I can't knock them too hard. We don't know what is going on in the background at Kaseya and yes they should do a better job communicating to us but we shouldn't come out of the gate with knives at their throats without giving them a fair chance to correct their problems.

    I'm actually having conversations with Jim Alves about all of this thus is why I'm requesting some information. If you want to have a voice and help, please help me. If you don't then you missed your chance. Be professional too.


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  • Don, I appreciate your attempt at a reconciliatory position and I completely agree that an open and positive dialog is far preferable to a hostileone. Please keep in mind though that this is all in the context of an issue that's been going on for about six months now (http://www.kaseya.com/kforum/view_topic.php?id=2097&forum_id=48&highlight=ConnectWise)and I don't think the rhetoric reachedthis level of frustration and negativety untilit became apparantthat Kaseya didn't care and wasn't going to budge.

    In the end for every business owner they must chose if they are going to listen and respond to their customers in a proactive and positive way, or their customers will respond by voting with their wallets. I for one desperately do not want to have to walk away from yet another investment (I didn't complain at all to N-Able, I just left, soI think those who are being vocal about this are giving Kaseya some loyalty and an opportunity to address this). Until last night there had been no response that I have seen from Kaseya management to the partner base.

    While I very much appreciate Gerald taking the time to address this issue and respond, I was very disheartened by his response. To me it is an arrogant position to say that Kaseya is the software that all others should write to. It is true that at the end of the day he must lead the company and decide what they can and cannot do. Unfortunately the other MSP vendors have decided that they can build meaningful integration while Kaseya has decided that they cannot and put those of us using Kaseya and ConnectWise at a competitive disadvantage. As an intensely competitive person I cannot understand why you would allow a competitor to gain such a strategic advantage when clearly Kaseya has the ability to lead in this area.

    As far as specific integration requests go mine are really basic (these can also be found here -http://www.kaseya.com/kforum/view_topic.php?id=2097&forum_id=48&highlight=ConnectWise):

    1) A commitment to insuring that the current level of integration remains functional through revisions of both products.

    2) Send tickets and alarm statuses directly to ConnectWise.

    3) Allow clients to create a ConnectWise ticket from the Kaseya system tray icon.

    4) Report more SNMP data to ConnectWise for the management summary report (currently antivirus, backup, drive space & patch level - would like the ability to add bandwidth, WAN connection up-time, firwall attacks, etc.)

    5)Report more information for reporting/metrics, I.e. Number of alerts by customer, length of time of alerts until resolved, etc.

    6) Report deeper inventory information to the ConnectWise configurations.

    I think most people would be happy if Kaseya at least committed to items 1 and 2, and then made an effort to keep up with what the competitive products (I.e. Zenith and N-Able)are doing in terms of integration.

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  • We are basically caught in the middle of ConnectWise and Kaseya. ConnectWise wants Kaseya to use their existing API while Kaseya wants ConnectWise to write to theirs. It is as simple as that and, unless they can play nice together, it will force those caught in the middle to make a choice.

    The truth of the matter is that those who use ConnectWise use it to run their entire business - Sales, Support, Ticketing, Agreement Handling, Marketing, etc... We often use a host of managed service tools to supportour respective businesses, but those tools themselves areonly a fraction of the services we provide. Hence, the commonality is that ConnectWise is a critical key in our business operations and we, as users, want the functionality to be able to integrate Kaseya, Sonicwall, N-Able, Level Platforms, Postini, Zenith, etc...

    The point of an API is for a third party application or vendor to be able to integrate their product into another. Generally, the company that writes TO the API is not the most critical part of the business and I think this is where this issue dies. Kaseya would like to believe that they are the critical app and hence CW should fold and write to them. CW believes vice-versa.

    I just returned from the ConnectWise partner summit and there were a LOT of unhappyKaseya users there. Given a choice, each and every one of them would choose ConnectWise if their hand was forced since that is much more integral to runningtheir business. There isnothing that Kaseya does that cannot be sourced elsewhere, so I do think Kaseya has concern here.

    What do we really need for integration? Not a heck of a lot. Sync configurations consistently like they did before and give us the ability to create tickets via the API since we are already using the CW system for that. That will help us with priorities, alarms, etc... It is not rocket science.

    I hope Kaseya can understand that they will not be happy with the outcome if we are forced to choose.

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  • The bottom line is this is like being a kid who's parents going through a bad divorce. The only ones getting hurt by the egos in play are the customers.

    I purchased Kaseya based upon the integration with Connectwise. Although Gerald feels that other vendors should write to his API, I respectfully disagree. I think that at best this must be determined ona case by case basis.

    In the case of of Kaseya and Connectwise my business processes and proceedures all revolve around Connectwise, not Kaseya. Kaseya is one spoke of the wheel. Connectwise is the hub.

    I do not wish to replace Kaseya, as it represents one of the largest investments I have made in my business, but if push comes to shove, it will be easier to replace Kaseya then Connectwise.

    We, like others,have signed on with Zenith, and are planning to use both products at this point so we have a fall back position if needed. This is not inteded as a threat just a statement of fact, and one that I heard repeated by many Kaseya users at the Connectwise conference.

    I just wish that both of these companies would go behind closed doors and hash out their differences and come out with a plan that is acceptable to both and represents the shared interests of the common customer base.

    I am really tired of hearing one blame the other, I could care less about either sides opinions. I am old enough to know that there are two sides to every story and I'm sure there is blame on both side.

    All I know is, that when it is said and done,I have paid both companies a lot of money based on a promise of cooperation and integration and I am not getting it.

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  • I'm glad Kaseya finally responded. I understand their basic position.

    However, integration with "key products" should be done. A "key product" should be determined by polling the current user base. This way any product can focus their integration resources on those products that will havethe biggest impact. This is no different then how they decide which options need improved or feature that needs to be added. Based on the response here, I'd say ConnectWise is a "key product".

    I was on the fence about purchasing ConnectWise. I attended Kaseya training, in which several other attendees already had ConnectWise. I contacted ConnectWise the day I got back in my office to finalize the purchase. So yes theexisting integration, which ConnectWise did, waspart of the reason I decided to purchase ConnectWise.

    Even if both companies have available APIs, ifno one steps up to the plate the integrationmay not get completed.Both Kaseya and ConnectWise coulddo thistask.ConnectWise could also claim the same issues about lack of time and staff to pursue this. It seems it would be inbest interest of bothcompaniesto accomplish this. Please stop fighting over whose API are available or better.Both companies should meet each other half way and develop aplanonhow to make your products"work together" for thebenefit your current and future customers.

    If neither of company"steps up" or attempts to meet the other half-way, the integration may be done by a third party. However, this would probably mean it would have lower quality, robustness,additional costs, and support area.

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  • And few of us will be willing to pay for ANOTHER integration component when ConnectWise has their MSP API integration already available.

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