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Unlimited support

  • Weoffer unlimited support withour top level managed services offering.

    I'd like to know who else has taken or is consideringthis direction. Just a few questions:

    1.Are youoffering unlimited supportwith one of more of your managed services offerings now?

    2. What do you like most about offering unlimited support?

    3. What do you like least about offering unlimited support?

    4. Are you planning to change this? This includes beginning or ending unlimited support.

    5. Are there any exclusions to this unlimited support?

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  • 1. Yes, but only our top level. They are billed forsystems connected to the network.

    2.Clients can call without fear of an another or larger bill. It frees them to actually report small problems versus "I just deal with it".

    3.Callswhere theuserdoesnt't exactly know what they want to accomplishin the first place.

    4. No changes are planned.

    5. We don't include adding/replacing hardware, upgrading the OS, and mass moves. We'll move a few systems occasionally during business hours for free. Anything beyond that we insist be billed as a separate project.

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  • 1. No however non of our clients have exceeded the included "minutes" on the top plan. We did this in order to protect ourselves, not knowing what we may be getting into as far as call volume.

    2. N/A - End users (except management of course) are not aware of the per node minute cap due to the fact that we aggregate all included support time across the entire client not a per PC basis.

    3. Margins - unlimited is a gamble plain and simple however I wouldnt have a problem offering unlimited support as long as the customer went through a standardization process and allowed full lockdown of their end user PCs

    4. We are considering offering an unlimited package in the near future that also includes onsite support but only if they are standardized and locked down.

    5. I agree with differentiating between "project" based work and support.

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  • 1. Yes, our highest package.

    2. I wouldn't say their is a "benefit" for us. Ours is for customer service.

    3. as ryan stated it can be a gamble. We only place people on this plan that have been through our"qualification" process. We also have sections in our agreements that state that any problems that we have to "fix" that were caused by "unauthorized" IT work we can bill for. Basically we fully manage our clients at this level. No outside work is done unless we approve it and are part of its planning at the least. This helps limit the risk.

    4. No not really.

    5. Depends on client. Some in the past have been project management (IT of course), support for multiple offices in a large area of separation, some OSes are not "covered", etc. We also do not sell hardware or software, we do however act as a proxy for our clients when they/we purchase software and hardware.

    God Bless,


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  • 1. yes, we have 1 SLA and it hs unlimited (probably underpriced though)

    2. not having to keep tracking of time and billing, fewer calls, they just open tickets

    3. people think we will support their LOB apps sometimes and we have to cut them off there

    4. nope

    5. LOB apps and user stupidity aka training....HOw do I do a mail merge? Smile

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  • Many Kaseya owners/hosts have contacted me re:theUnlimited Remote Support service we offer to our clients. My guess is that everyone is trying to find out how to do it profitably while still handling the volume and training issues.

    Common questions are:

    • How much do we charge clients?
    • What is covered?
    • Is the service U.S.-based or offshore?
    • How does it work? (Do you use Kaseya)
    • Can we resell your helpdesk to our clients?

    Below are the answers:

    Can we resell your helpdesk to our clients?

    We have the abililty to offer our helpdesk services to the Kaseya community in a private-label fashion. Any VAR can resell the services (with or without Kaseya).

    Each VAR has a unique toll-free support number for their clients and all calls will be answered in the VAR's name.

    How does it work? (Do you use Kaseya)

    Technical support agents and training coordinators are available 24x7, including holidays. A 3rd-party streaming tool is used (similar to desktop streaming) for remote access.

    Each MSP has a unique, toll-free telephone number. All calls are answered in the MSP's name. If the customer asks specifically for someone at your office, the call is seamlessly transferred to your office.

    Is the service U.S.-based or offshore?

    The service is provided by 3 different call centers located in Denver, Philadelphia and Reno. No services are provided from offshore.

    What is covered?

    Helpdesk services cover all Windows OSes (including Vista) and almost all Microsoft products (including Office 2007). Citrix, Corel and other LOB apps can also be supported.

    How much do we charge clients?

    We have different types of support available (based on availability). Our customers pay $25/workstation and $49/server each month for Monday -Friday 8am - 5pm support. 24/7 support is $31.75/workstation and $149/server. Please see our website for complete end-user pricing (bottom of page):


    Resellers and VARsearn 25% - 40% GPM on SMC HelpdeskServices.

    Please feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions, more information or if you are interested.

    Frank Hughes

    SecureMyCompany, Inc.


    (818) 926-4500 x101

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  • How many phone support people do you have?

    What is the ratio of support people to clients?

    What kind of qualifications/training do you support people have?

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  • Currently I'm a one man shop, which explains why I don't get everything I want done as timely as I'd like. I support 75 systems on ourgold level, which includes unlimited support. There's another 65 on the other two levels. No to mention other clients which are not a service contact at this time.

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  • rvines wrote:
    How many phone support people do you have?

    What is the ratio of support people to clients?

    What kind of qualifications/training do you support people have?

    The SecureMyCompany helpdesk services are a partnership with another technology firm, TecLink Corporation. TecLink specializes in ISV Support and has recently started a Managed Services team to support MSPs. Currently, there are 25 members on the MSP support team (see below re: "teams").

    In order for TecLink's domestic, onshore outsourcing to be competitive with non-domestic off-shoring,they havedeveloped a unique “call center” model it refers to as Call Clusters. This unique model has many proprietary components that include dynamic staffing, multi-tiered skill sets and advanced Automated Call Distribution systems. All of which is connected through a network of VoIP and POTS based systems for voice along with Internet and virtual private circuits (VPC) for email, chat and remote control.

    Call Clusters are groups of virtual support agents and engineers which reside in specific geographic areas. Each are grouped in teams of 10 with various skill level. Support Agents are responsible for desktop support and System Engineers for server and infrastructure support. Support Agent teams are comprised of Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS), application specific specialists and a team lead. System Engineer teams are comprised of Microsoft Certified System Engineers, Microsoft Certified Administrators, Citrix Certified and Enterprise Administrators, Cisco, Wireless and other infrastructure engineers and a team lead. The number of agents and engineers on any given shift is based onthe dynamic staffing model which varies staff based on time of day and day of the week. In the case of support services wheresupport personal interface directly with a staff member at one of its channel partners sites, TecLink utilizes a training/issue resolution support model which addresses the problem while enhancing the skills of the person receiving support. While initial calls can take longer, in the long run the end user becomes more self-sufficient, though there are never any restrictions given to the number of call, chats or emails that can be sent. All services are delivered for a flat, “all you can eat”, monthly fee all of which makes the service both budget-able and predictable.

    In comparison to the standard incident based model,our helpdeskservices are 25% less thanthe cost of the standard per incident cost for desktop services and as much as 50% less expensive than server per incident based support. And, all services are delivered by a domestically based, English speaking staff to ensure our private label services create a seamless relationship between our remote support agents and engineers and our channel partners field engineering staff and sales personal. This includes the transparent escalation of an issue to our channel partner’s field engineers as if our staff was just a cubical away from yours.

    Frank Hughes

    SecureMyCompany, Inc.

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  • Mr. Hughes

    Are you still using TecLink? I have tried to contact them but have had no luck. Is there a rep that you can give me over there?

    Did you have any additional ISV support contacts or recomendations?

    What are the average costs for a service like this?


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