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My 2 cent donation to share [:)]

    I have gathered a lot through the board over the past 3 months so I wanted to share what I have found.

    1) DIRMS defrager seems to be really nice! I bought 200 licenses of that and Buzzsaw to keep my clients defragged

    2) I offer my clients a 100MB offsite storage teaser (they understand we are not liable or responsible for data - mostly for the small client to backup QB) and charge per GB if they want more. Again, for the small client it makes the sell easier - offsite QB backup automated is something we take for granted but they LOVE!

    3) to monitor their usage I use www.foldersizes.com to get a visual of usage. real nice use of $40!

    4) I keep a couple P4 to use as loaners as part of my SLA. A 3GHz Dimension with XP and Office preloaded (imaged! Smile ) and I do charge a setup fee but if they are waiting a week for us to order a Dell they won't have downtime.

    5) Attached is the Word version cleaned up of the Kaseya SLA example to share. Feel free to use or critique or line your bird cage!

    6) we did a luncheon to launch the Managed Services (we call it EyeOnLAN) and it was a real hit, filled the place with abotu 40 great clients. I can share my power point but I don't think it was spectacular but may save you several hours if you really want it.

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  • I'd love to see your powerpoint presentation!

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  • I couldn't upload the PPT so I have it here for download http://www.eyeonlan.com/Presentation2.pptand also had this http://www.twistedtechnologies.com/lunch/done so I had everyone's order and made name tag tents with symbols for their meals and drinks so there was silent service by the wait staff (THIS IS KEY!) so I had undivided attention the whole time. We had time at the end for 30 second intros. People networked, my copier guy got sales. Everyone had fun. Here is my sample preferred vendor list.

    PO Box 543 * Acworth, GA 30101 * V: 404-202-1517 * F: 678-388-9078

    [size=Certified Partner List][/b]


    v Computers (desktops, laptops, servers, switches) – Dell (see us for purchase)[/b]

    o Switches – offer 4 hour onsite replacement warranty[/b]

    o Laptops – offer accidental drop/spill coverage[/b]

    o Desktop – offer small profile cases to save space[/b]

    o Optiplex/Latitude business line advantages:[/b]

    § 3 year warranties standard, we double them[/b]

    § Faster and better built using superior components[/b]

    § US, not India tech support[/b]

    § Asset Tags with support # and serial # prominently displayed[/b]

    § Manageable with predictive failure alerts using Open Manage[/b]

    § Higher parts availability after warranty[/b]

    v T1/Phone service – CBeyond (see us for a price quote)[/b]

    o 100% uptime guarantee[/b]

    o End-to-end use of Cisco Equipment[/b]

    o Cost savings integration and faster Internet speeds[/b]

    o SIP ready for VoIP phones which we will be offering in 2007[/b]

    v Web Development - Twisted Technologies, Inc.[/b]

    o Dynamic content management - allows client to update their own site[/b]

    o Flash and database drive site content use Linux (php and MySQL)[/b]

    o Authorize.net integration for e-commerce sites[/b]

    v Web Hosting - Twisted Technologies, Inc.[/b]

    o 2 servers monitored 24/7 at a secured datacenter that is HIPAA compliant[/b]

    o Professional grade hosting with Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus[/b]

    o 99.9% uptime guarantee, less than 45 minutes/month of downtime[/b]

    v Microsoft Financing (see us for application)[/b]

    o Low 10-12% rates with repayment from 2-5 years and up to $250,000[/b]

    o Section 179 tax breaks apply! See your CPA to avoid IT procrastination![/b]

    o No restrictions on % for hardware/software/labor[/b]

    v Anti-Virus – Symantec Corporate AV (we supply)[/b]

    o Works well without interfering with office applications[/b]

    o Leader in AV protection[/b]

    o We can deploy it to remote users via a web link and manage it[/b]

    o Does not tax system resources[/b]

    v Copiers – Canon, Atlanta Office Equipment, Chris or Tim 770-218-2020[/b]

    v Anti-Spyware -Microsoft Defender, free download from www.microsoft.com [/b]

    v Wireless carrier & PDA – Verizon and Motorola Q[/b]

    o Blackberries are not advised![/b]

    o We support all Windows Mobile 5.0 devices (WM5)[/b]

    v Computer Cabling – Centerpoint, Duke Smith 770-241-1237[/b]

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  • eyeonlan.pdf
    I hope this doesn't offend, but I ran this to some avenues.

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  • Thank you very much for sharing this. This sort of material is great to see!

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  • Just curious why dont you advise Blackberrys?

    God Bless,


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  • 99% of what we do is SBS and WM5 integrates with them seemlessly. 100% of my clients won't spend the $ for a BES server. That is most of it. The other part is a DNS issue. When they were sued and rewrote the code they made a DNS hiccup that takes my clients down about once a year and I have to spend about 6 hours (billable) to trek my way through to 3rd level RIm support to get it resolved. Evidently, their DNS doesn't update real well with some servers and you are using thee ISP BB redirector. after the 3rd time of a client racking up several hundred dollars in support for a known issue that RIM chooses not to fix, we cannot recommend them. We explain this to clients and they prefer not taking the once a year chance for going with BB over WM5 besides, they get better synchronization with their WM5

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