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Intel's vPro Remote Support

  • Wondering if Kaseya is buying into this

    VARs, MSPs Bank On Intel's vPro To Reduce On-Site Service Calls

    (URL: http://www.crn.com/nl/ssb/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=192600004)

    "I think it's going to change everything," said Eric Adkins, president of Adkins Technologies, a Laguna Beach, Calif.-based VAR and MSP serving small businesses. "There will be no reason to go to a customer site anymore."
    The vPro platform, news of which emerged in March, is designed to simplify the management of today's business desktop PCs. The technology combines Intel's new Core 2 Duo processors, formerly code-named Conroe, with enhanced management technology, security capabilities and a validation platform. VPro also includes flash memory on the motherboard for low-level diagnostics and security.

    Of course, not all VARs will embrace vPro. The systems incorporating the platform will tend to be higher-end business desktops with Intel's newest processor, a 965 chipset and RAID. Solution providers with an immediate stake in the technology seem to be those building up their managed services practices.
    Also for solution providers, Intel will be giving away a software bundle with data protection, management, security virtualization and collaboration software, Dallman said. Online training for the software will be available at the end of October.
    A variety of MSP platform vendors are supporting vPro, including LPI Level Platforms, N-Able Technologies and Zenith Infotech, an outsourcer that provides basic patch management and monitoring capabilities to U.S.-based VARs. Intel said outsourcers Atos Origin, EDS and Siemens Business Services also will use vPro.
    Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford said the company has worked for the past six months to integrate vPro capabilities into its MSP offering. He said VARs also can use the technology to remotely turn on systems at night to add software updates plus collect inventory data on functioning and non-functioning systems.

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  • Intel showed a little of this at Symantec Vision earlier this year. It certainly looked interesting, but the question in my mind is what about the part of the SMB marketthat doesn't use Intel?

    I think that companies that have standardized on Intel-based systems from Dell, HP, and Lenovo may provide a market to the MSP for this, but for the smaller companies that buy whatever is cheapest at the time (which typically means AMD or Intel CPU but non-Intel chipset machines), this is a zero.

    It does seem that it would be in Kaseya's best interests to do something since they do have larger customers who probably will be buying into vPro down the road.

    Just my $0.02.

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