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Where does K get "Registered Applications" data

  • We installed an update to a program at a client site and now when we run the Software "All Applications" report it shows that multiple versions are installed for some systems but not others. If I go to the machine, only one version is listed in Add/Remove Programs and it operates normally. I assume this info is being pulled from the registry somewhere, but I can't figure out where. Any ideas?



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  • It is a designed bug in Kaseya. When Kaseya does a software audit, it gets a list of everything it finds. It never really REMOVES stuff from the list but generally just ADDS to it. So if you have one version of a program present and then update it, you may very well show both the old version and the new - particularly if they're in different folders.

    The trick is to reset the audit cache. One of the sample scripts can do this. Run the reset script and then run another audit and you'll probably find the duplicates are gone.

    At this point, I actually have that script scheduled to run weekly on all machines.

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