I was wondering what people are doing to aid in the distribution of large files to many client in one office. I know that we can just specify a path in each network to do this, but I was hoping that there is a better way of doing this.

One method I was thinking of was to install a small network drive in each office, and make the name the same (across all clients), this way, we an execute a script to download our master util directory from our ftp server, and then we have a local copy at each office. The downside to this is that any laptops or computers that are not directly connected to these units, would require that they download over the internet, to make sure that they are not skipped if they're not in the lan. Could probably make a script to determine the gateway of the machine and see if it matches a machine that's always in the office.Using collections/views. this shouldn't be a problem, but I think it could be easier.

Otherwise, I'd like to make a suggestion to Kaseya. Would it be all that difficult to create a "relay" agent? This way, the machines would automagically download the sharedfiles required from a local file source. This would be similar to the patch management, where we can specify a local network source inside the network, to prevent the same patch being downloaded 30 time by the same machines. If any of you have looked at or tried BigFix, you'll know what I'm talking about. Bigfix has a published list of relay servers. The cients automatically try to figure out their closest source every 6 hours or so and automatically report to this relay agent for any sort of download activity.

What is everyone else doing in this regard?

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