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Deploy software into new PC

  • Hi,

    I have managed to deploysoftware packages to all my LAN PCsusing Kaseya software distribution module and have no problem with it.

    I would like to find out how can i make it possible when user (with kaseya agent install) login it will automatic detect and install package if it is not found in the system.



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  • How I have it at the moment is the following:

    1. When you install the package, make it write a registry value. Example, in the HKLM -> Software key, make it write a REG_SZ stringof"Application1".

    2. In the login script, call kix tosearch for this "Application1" value in theHKLM -> Software. If it exists, then End. If it doens't, then proceed and install the application.

    This is all done outside of Kaseyaconsole but involves Kix scripts and Kaseya package.

    I haven't looked into Kaseya script in depth enough, but there must be away to makethe Kaseya script look for a certain registry key andcreate a condition that if it exists run the rest of the script, if not end the script......?



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