The instructions are copied from the Winzip site and are for using what winzip call an installation 'robot', meaning an automated unattended system, e.g. Kaseya.

Note that this requires a particular version of winzip, a multi-user corporate edition to give access to the command line install switches, and supplied by winzip on CD. Further information can be found on the winzip site here:

Network Administrator One-Time-Only Setup: follow the instructions on the WinZip distribution CD to install WinZip. When prompted for a destination folder, specify a location on a network disk (for example, n:\winzip). If you do not have a CD and are using a distribution file, then run the Multi-User License distribution file (wzsite90.exe) and install it to a network location available to all your users.

Note: if you are upgrading to WinZip 9.0 from a previous version of WinZip installed on a shared network drive, we suggest that you uninstall the previous version of WinZip (and delete any files left in the WinZip folder) before installing WinZip 9.0.

User Setup (repeated for each user, usually by a software robot): run winzip32.exe from the folder specified by the network administrator, specifying the /autoinstall switch on the command line. Using the example folder above, the command would be
 n:\winzip\winzip32.exe /autoinstall
The /autoinstall switch installs WinZip with the default options using the Classic interface, as if the user had manually selected the "Express Install" option.

After the winzip32.exe command line is run, WinZip will install its program shortcuts, registry information, Zip files associated to WinZip, etc., on the local workstation.
Alternatively, you may use the /autoinstallrun in place of /autoinstall. /autoinstallrun is the same as /autoinstall, except that /autoinstallrun also causes WinZip to run.
You may also specify switches to:
Prevent WinZip from including the WinZip Quick Pick icon in the taskbar tray
n:\winzip\winzip32.exe /noqp /autoinstall

prevent the "Tip of the Day" from displaying

n:\winzip\winzip32.exe /notip /autoinstall

or both. (Please note that when using both switches, they must be in the order displayed in this example.)
n:\winzip\winzip32.exe /noqp /notip /autoinstall

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