Kaseya 4.8 Installation Considerations

Kaseya 4.8

Kaseya 4.8 includes many new and enhanced features including a new version of the Kaseya backup software, several new and upgraded features as well as the framework required for the coming Kaseya KES module. Please see below processes and notes for upgrading to Kaseya 4.8.

Kaseya 4.8 Upgrade prerequisites

  • Kaseya 4.7.0.x or higher
Kaseya 4.8 Clean installation prerequisites

  • Kaseya 4.7 and higher requires the .NET Framework 2.0 runtime installed on your Kaseya server machine. None of the current functionality requires the use of the framework; however planned updates to the feature set will require the framework.

    To install the .NET Framework 2.0, please visit microsoft.com to download the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package and follow the installation instructions.


  • Please see installation guide here:

Kaseya 4.8 update notes

  • In addition to KES framework, Kaseya 4.8 includes many new features. If this is being installed on a production server, you should read the “release notes” and ensure that you are familiar with the changes.

  • The Kaseya server will not be available during the update, users will not be able to access the web interface and agents will not be able to check in.

  • A reboot may be required of the Kaseya server. Although we make every effort to avoid this, should a file be locked, a reboot will be required to unlock the file and allow it to be updated

  • Please ensure that you have a good backup of the ksubscribers database, and a recent one.

  • Once the server has been updated, Kaseya cannot be rolled back to a previous version.
Kaseya 4.8 BUDR notes

  • Once you have updated the server, please wait 10-15 minutes before pushing out the backup as the backup components will be downloading to your server. You could probably watch the e:/Kaseya/WebPages/managedfiles/vsahiddenfiles/acronistrueimageserver.msi file grow.

  • Update your agents to the latest agent build before installing the new backup software ( Agent -> Agent Update).

  • Reinstall the backup software over the existing installation. Uninstalling and reinstalling will cause the scheduling to be lost. I suggest testing one machine before updating any others.

  • When updating servers, it is suggested to remote control the machine to ensure the unsigned driver warning dialog is accepted if prompted.

  • It is required to reboot the machine after updating to the latest build.

  • We only suggest updating the backup software on machines you are actually observing a problem. Fixes include improved VSS support, retry Read/Write support to resolve problems related to network connectivity when image location is configured for NAS devices and Vista support.

Kaseya 4.8 Upgrade process

  • Confirm all prerequisites are met

  • Find :KaseyaWebPagesInstall

  • Run kawebupdate.exe locally on the kserver and wait for completion.
Kaseya 4.8 Clean installation process

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