FTP proved to be less than reliable, with broken connections, users configuration errors, and so on.
The new off-site replication uses kaseya's own communications to do off-site copies, this allows us to control the process, recover from failed communications, and report better on the status.

You have a remote site (site1), it has 9 workstations and a server, all have agents installed. Each workstation backs up to \serv1\backups which is c:/backups on serv1.

To perform the offiste backup, you need to go to backup tab -> Off-site servers, pick a machine with an agent installed, enter the IP address of that server and enter a port that will be used for communication.

Lets say you are using a machine called offsite.unnamed at and you want to back up to c:\kbackups on port 5722. This will then set the agent on offiste.unnamed to listen for backup data on 5722, and when it receives it, it will save that information to c:\kbackups.

Now, you need to use the Backup tab -> Local Servers function to tell serv1 (the machine with all the local backups on it), to copy all that data to offsite.unnamed.

Select serv1 from the hyperlink and select the off-site server (offsite.unnamed) from the drop-down list. Type c:\backups in the full path box.

And that's that. Now at the given time, serv1 will copy the contents of c:\backups (using the same directory structure), to c:\kbackups on offsite.unnamed using port 5722.

NB. You have to be sure that the offsite machines firewall is open, and that port forwarding will send data on that port to the specified backups machine.

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