A problem was found and has been corrected regarding automatic updates, and machines saying reboot pending.

The issue was caused by SQL truncating scripts. When the Automatic update scripts were passed to the server to be processed, SQL would end the script early, and the process would not complete.

To resolve this issue, perform the following steps.

1. patch mgmt tab -> scan machine. Check the "refresh patch database" and "run now". This will pull the latest hotfixes for kaseya, and update the Microsoft Patch list. Wait 5 minutes to be sure that the updates have completed.

2. Patch mgmt tab -> automatic updates. Cancel the current automatic updates. Will be clear any existing corrupt scripts from the database.

3. Patch Mgmt tab -> reboot action. Check that the reboot action is set as you want. To ensure that automatic updates has a high chance of success, use the Reboot immediately, as prompting the user or emailing upon completion may cause the reboot to occur much later, if at all (the user may choose to not reboot).

4. Patch mgmt tab -> automatic updates. Reschedule the automatic updates, this will ensure that the scripts in the database are correct and do not contain any truncation.

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