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Backup Install fails on 2003 servers

  • When you install the backup driver on a 2003 server, windows will display a message asking if you approve the install of the driver. If you do not click this button within 2 minutes, windows will cancel the install.
    The easiest solution to this is to remote control the 2003 server before installing the backup tool. Once you install the backup, keep an eye on the 2003 server, and when the message appears about the driver, make sure you click the agree button.
    After this you will be done, and wont need to interfere again.

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  • You can also eliminate the dialog box from popping up all together by changing the local security policy on the machine.

    Open the Local Security Policy manager and select Local Policies - Security Options - Devices: unsigned driver installation behavior

    Select "Silently Succeed" from the drop down control.

    This lets you perform the install when ever you want without having to remote control the box or worry about hitting OK on the dialog box before the 2 minute timeout occurs.

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