Ok so I thought i would put a living testimony about Backup and Disaster recovery in here. Yesterday I was called for Jury Duty! Yahoo. So I figured i would use that time productively and work on my laptop.

8:00 AM
Igot to the courthouse and found a nice cubicle to tuck away in. Turned on my Laptop and got a message from the BIOS stating that my Hard drive is unreadable. OMG I thought, But I was never worried because I have been using kaseya Backup and disaster recovery. The problem was that my laptop had a bad drive or something.

11:30 AM
I was excused from the courthouse went straight to CompUSA as that is where I bought my Toshiba Satellite M45 and the warranty service.

12:30 PM
Low and behold they have to send it to Toshiba... This is unacceptable to me because next week I am doing Training for everyone in NY. All my course materials etc are on my portable hard drive waiting to be restored to a device. So I bought another Toshiba Satellite M55 (different model and smaller I may add). But I know that the IDE controller is the same so XP would not complain about the restore.

1:00 PM stopped to get lunch
1:30 PM arrived at home where I took my Kaseya Recovery CD that I had already Made... (For those of you selling this service make sure you send this CD with the Laptop Users!!! to carry with them and there portable HDD) inserted it into my new Laptop (did not even let it do its first boot) went straight into the Acronis Drive Image and did a restore image. It asked me for the password of my image (where you will have to make sure the end-user knows how to contact you and get this info). After it accepted my password it asked me for the date of the last backup to choose from. So I selected from the previous backup 5:00 am earlier this morning.

1:45 PM Image restore process running
It states it is going to take 1 hour and 25 min. for 75 GB of data... You see I have all my music pictures etc.. LOTS of info. My hard drive is capable of doing 460Mbps.

3:30 PM I checked and it was done.
Rebooted my laptop and new hardware was detected of course making my windows activation to be renewed. I had to insert my Toshiba drivers CD and have it update some drivers which took me about 20 min. After this was done I am now writing you this on my new laptop with all my data intact.

If you have a story like this please post it in this topic for everyone to see...

Stoked employee of Kaseya!

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