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Agentmon.exe high memory usage

  • There is a known and confirmed problem with the way that Google Desktop Search has implemented some of its network monitoring features.

    Google Desktop Search installs a Winsock LSP to monitor network usage, Google have confirmed this is a known issue, but given noresolution time on this. GDS does not release network connections, this means that the Kaseya agent is unable to free up the memory in use for the check-ins.

    If you have a Kaseya agent with network protection enabled on a machine running Google Desktop Search, you will see a 20K increase in AgentMon.exe memory usage in task manager.

    The process AgentMon.exe shoulduse about 4-5meg. If you are seeing memory usage much higher than this, and you use Google Desktop Search, quit Google Desktop Search and reload in after a couple of minutes. This will allow the Kaseya agent to close the connections that GDS kept open.

    There is no issue with Microsoft Desktop search as it does not monitor network activity.

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  • Uninstall the Google Desktop and this machine should be fine.

    You can actually re-install the latest Google Desktop v2, if you want.

    It no longer includes their own Winsock layered service provider, which was the component causing the resource leak.

    Wegot a reply back from Google saying they fixed the problem, which turns out to be them removing the Winsock LSP that was causing the leak.

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