You are unable to start a remote control session. A message keeps appearing, saying that the AciveX control could not be loaded.
This means that IIS is not configured correctly, perform the following steps to configure IIS.


Check that you are able to download the activeX control manually.
Enter http:///inc/kaxremote.dll
You should be prompted to download a DLL called kaxremote.dll
If you do not get this prompt, but see an Internal server error, perform the following steps

1. go to control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Services Manager
2. Navigate to Websites -> Default Website
3. Right click on this and choose Properties
4. Click on the 'Home Directory Tab
5. Change the Execute Permissions to 'Scripts only'
6. OK all the way out of that

Check that the URL prompts you to download this time, if it does, cancel that and test remote control again.

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