Possible Symptoms

In Agent Tab -> Agent Logs -> Script Log there may be something like the following:
"9:14:45 pm Jun 14, 04 Patch Scan Paul FAILED to create THEN step 5, Write File. Error = Invalid number of fields or tuples, Source = VSAHiddenFiles.mssecure.xml"

In System Tab -> Configure -> View Log, the log contains the following error:
Script 'Patch Scan' with ID 148 failed during the creation of command 'Write File' with 'Invalid number of fields or tuples' code


Check 1
That the mssecure.xml p
atch scan file file is not missing because the server is not successfully connecting to the Internet during the "Refresh patch database" function. mssecure.xml will be pulled by the refresh function and placed in: c:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles folder.

The Kaseya server will need to get out tothe Kaseyaupdate server, on vsaupdate.kaseya.netport80 to get patch lists.
On the actual machine that Kaseya is installed on, go to a command prompt: start-run-type cmd’ and press enter.
Type in the following command and press enter: telnetvsaupdate.kaseya.net80
If your command window does not go blank with a flashing cusor in the corner, then your Kaseya server is not able to reach the Kaseya Update server. You will need to open up port80 outbound on your Firewall to vsaupdate.kaseya.net

Check 2
The patchScn.xml file is uploaded and the processed by the server as a background task. The background task is run on http://localhost. If http://localhost does not resolve to the local server, then the background task cannot run to process any patch results, send email alerts, etc. (check the browser on the Kaseya serveris not set to use a proxy server, from a command line type ping localhost - this should return IP address

If localhost does resolve to the server itself, then you can check the following:
Look in Kaseya\WebPages\LocalAuth\emailNotify.htm, check the timestamp on that file. That time is when the emailNotify.asp background task was run. Typically, it should have a timestamp within the last 2 minutes and it should contain less than 100 characters returning a blank HTML page.

Send any further information, error messages and your findings to Kaseya support for further assistance.

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