The information in this Article applies to:
Kaseya Agent (All Versions)
Kaseya Server (Version and higher)


Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and/or Windows Update report different patch state than Kaseya.


A new patch just came out -
Both Kaseya and the Baseline Security Analyzer use the same patch database and should report the same patch state on any scanned machine. Differences may occur on the day a new patch is released by Microsoft. There is a time lag between the release of a new patch and the release of an update to Microsoft's patch database file. Once the patch database is posted by Microsoft, there is another delay (a few hours) before all of Microsoft's file distribution servers get that updated file. Windows Update uses a different database than Baseline Security Analyzer. There may be several days between when Microsoft Update's database changes and when they update the Baseline Security Analyzer database. After Microsoft releases a new patch please allow plenty of time for all the systems to redistribute the new database files before reporting a problem to Kaseya.

An old patch is missing -
Currently Kaseya scans the Windows operating system, SQL server, IIS, Internet Explorer, and MDAC for missing patches. We are actively working on adding new applications to this list. Until then, you may notice patches reported by other tools that scan for other applications.

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