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  • I'm very close to my license limit. I called earlier in the week to ask about adding more licenses. The rep had to investigate.

    Spoke to him again the next day. He gave me only the dollar amount for a plain outright purchase. No idea about the terms. No idea about what it would cost to buy a higher count and get credit for my current purchase (as I was told was possible for ITSP's). He'd have to investigate and call me back. He said he'd do that by EOB today.

    I've been trying to call Kaseya for the past several hours. Their phone just rings and rings and rings. You can't get to sales, can't get to an operator, can't get to tech support. Sorry if you've got a problem or want to spend more money.

    Really makes me wonder whether I SHOULD spend any more money with them or go find an alternative product.

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  • Hold tight. My experience with calling them has been nothing but fantastic. Everyone is bound to have technical issues from time to time. For example, earlier this month at our company our T1 phone connection was flaking out and caused us all kinds of phone downtime. And if you consider this is a muti-redundant, SLA, connection, and still we had downtime. It sucks when it happens, and no company is immune to the possibility of technical issues.

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  • Maybe so, but the responsible thing to do is to make sure that there's a workaround BEFORE it happens - perhaps even just redirecting to a voicemail someplace with a message that says "We're having phone troubles. Please call back later."

    And certainly, if the rep KNEW I was waiting for a call, he could have called from a cell and told me that their phones were down - or that their electrical was down or whatever.

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  • Maybe it's a new rep? Why is everyone so ready to just jump on the entire company for the acts of one person? If one of your employee's did something and that company wanted to pull all their work just becuase of that, how would you feel now? Of course you wouldn't be happy about it but would lke to get the issues resolved and go forward.

    I'm not trying to make excuses for kaseya and I've had my moments of frustration with Kaseya but on the other hand I've had frustration with my own company.

    If this rep isn't handling your issue properly, as for a different rep, they do have more than one, my one isthe greatest I've ever worked with.


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