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Zenworks vs Kaseya for corporate clients

  • We have a prospective client with 2 inhouse IT staff and around 24 servers and 130 pcs who was about to purchase Zenworks when we showed them Kaseya (Corporate not our own branded MSP product). They are keen on both but we are trying to sway them the K way. Zenworks looks quite a bit cheaper (30%) as the backup component is included for both servers and workstations as standard at no addional charge.

    I am trying to find advantages of Kaseya. Below is a list that my Kaseya BDM gave me.


    - Requires installation of multiple large client agents
    - Monitoring limited to NT Events
    - Web integration limited to reports and self-service application portal
    - Designed for LAN use, requiring VPN for outlying sites as data is not secure.
    - A heavy lean towards open systems would scare off Microsoft users
    - Zen is a corporate tool not a technician’s tool

    Client size is 8.5Mb + Patchlink client at 3Mb
    Built to use LAN and not ‘firewall friendly’
    Requires Novell 32 bit client installed for push / pull – otherwise all push (server finds client)
    Installed on Linux or Novell Open Enterprise Server or Windows 2003 Server

    Kaseya - Keys strengths Vs Zenworks include:

    StarKaseya offers the fastest setup/configuration time via our one-time agent deployment architecture (using any of the four manual / automated methods available): there are no other servers or services to implement.
    StarKaseya has been engineered from the ground-up with security in mind with RC4 256-bit encryption and rolling session keys with every connection. There are no additional VPN tunnels or other security communication layers required to any site.
    StarWe stand behind our product and are the only vendor to offer an unconditional 30-day evaluation of our software.
    StarWe have local Asia Pacific representation with a Kaseya office based right here in Sydney, Australia.
    StarKaseya is the only truly integrated web-based platform for IT infrastructure management regardless of location.
    StarThrough our single unified interface the IT staff can manage any machine, anywhere, any time.

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  • Zen is tied to the NW OS, where Kaseya is not.

    Netware is loosing ground in the market for the past 6years and turning to Linux in an effort to hold on. Kaseya is independant of any server OS for the most part, thus providing more flexibility on the desktops and MS server.

    Many corporations have been moving more into the MSSQL area. Many NW sites use SQLANYWHERE, but developers have been leaning towards the MSSQL engine and Kaseya can monitor that.

    More and more apps are being developed for the MS server platform, not the Novell platform. Kaseya is right there to monitor the MS platform.

    Having installed Novell since 2.0 and Zen in schools, the Kaseya is easier to work with.

    ZEN needs LAN, where Kaseya works via LAN or internet.

    No need to install and support VPNs as Kaseya is a simple small agent on each machine.

    You can manage a desktop as long as it has any type of internet connection, so, salesman can have the remote support they need regardless if they are at home working, out of town in a hotel, or at their customer site.

    Something gets fudged, its a relatively easy fix with Kaseya, unlike Zenworks.

    Hope it helps....

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