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Service Plan Best Practices?

  • I've just purchased Kaseya and I'm working on structuring what services I offer within my managed service plan. I thought that I'd check with people that have created service/pricing plans that are proving to be effective.

    So my questions are:

    1) What services are you offering in each level of managed service plan?
    2) What are you charging for these services?
    3) What/How do you charge for on-time and ongoingservices that are ouside of the provided services?

    Any input is appreciated!



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  • I'm shocked that no one has ponied up with their concepts. I think you might want to be a little less direct with this question.

    We are tossing around an all you can eat plan and a pay as you go plan. Then we are thinking about a roll over plan. Not sure the whole structure of the pricing yet and if it will include on-site and remote hours or just remote hours.

    Anyone else have some thoughts?

    My biggest concern with all you can eat is that the appetite will over whelm the food source (metaphorically speaking).


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  • I'll post what I'm looking at, since I actually just started on a dark and treacherous path...we're switching to connectwise (install on Tuesday) and wanted to have a bit more structure and order around here...

    So far, I'm thinking of a few ideas:

    Option A -bronze gets no support, silver gets $ allowance, gold gets $$, and platinum gets $$$. I definitely want to put a limit, because some clients especially with high turnover will kill the hours every month and are busting off the charts.

    Option B - Gold gets server maintenance 3 hours per month/server, and Platinum adds end user support, figuring 30 minutes per user per month.

    Option C - For sites with large number of users/computers/servers, handling them similar to a silver, but giving them blocks of hours that they can use towards users/workstations/servers depending on what they need. SImilar to A, but these blocks will be for certain tasks. Just because an org has 10 servers, doesn't mean that they need 10x support. Many servers just hum along just fine, and need very little baby sitting. I think we're going to offer that for sites with more than 3 servers.

    Other variations are including off-site, some on-site, etc. there's too many permutations to go through in trying to get it right.

    My biggest issue is that every software tool that we use has different pricing levels. Trend's XSP program is per user, Spam filtering is per email, Kaseya is per computer, etc. I'm finding that I'm breaking down my pricing grid based on four things - Sites, Users, Workstations, Servers. The reason for splitting the users/workstations is that many companies we support are extensively using thin clients, given the reduced support requirements.

    My next issue/dilemna is how do we account for this when we tie up our connectwise server? If it's going to do billing, adding/removing workstations/servers how do I handle my users. Its still a manual process, unless I can start puliing in user counts from the AD, and then grab Postini accounts, and slap them in. Either way, I think it's going to be a mission and a half to automate everything...

    Pricing I'm thinking of is: (Option B)

    User - 5/10/15/45
    Workstation -20/20/25/30
    Server -35/80/400/500
    Site - 175/200/450/600

    On top of that we'll tag on some extra hours if we decide to do unlimited, etc. I dn't want to have anything too rigid, and prefer more of an a la carte structure, but I'm not sure. WE've got several clients on plans, and I've put them all in this arrangement, and a few would be going up slightly, while others would go downa bit.

    All get anti-virus/anti-spam. Bronze gets basic patching/monitoring for workstations/servers. Silver adds maintenance scripts, like defrag, virus/spyware sweeps, etc. Gold adds server support to cover M/A/C fixing what Kaseya finds, etc. Basically the stuff that requires manual intervention. Platinum adds the end-user support, spare servers/workstations while repairs are carried out. Sites all get a network drive to store patches, office cd's, etc. We'll roll out our local installs for tools to those, and we'll swap them around when we need to roll out updates, etc. Router management is included, as long as it's one of our supported routers/firewalls. For Gold/Platinum, we include a small server to handle SNMP monitoring as well as patch distribution, etc. For the really small sites, we'll credit them the OSM (to borrow an LPI term) and run that off a workstation.

    Backup/Images are extra and a la carte. We'll provide the NAS device, the images, etc. For those larger sites, we need to find something really big, or install multiple devices. I'm trying to do a few tests to see how big we need for workstations.

    I know that we'll win on some, lose on some, but I don't want to lose on all...Smile

    Thoughts anyone?

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  • We have CW and it's not all it's cracked up to be. There are a LOT of bugs. I would be more than happy to talk offline as I am not into publically bad mouthing a product unless everyone really wants to hear it. I think it's just unprofessional.

    That being said I am greatful for the "insight" that some of the Kaseya trashing on this site has provided.


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  • Not trashing, just pointing out some of its warts. But, the good forum poster (I hope I am one) may point out flaws, but provides a solution or workaround to the issue. No software is perfect, and for anyonethat beleives that thenI have some ocean front property in Kansas I would like to sell to you. (dont ya hate those old country song referances, and yes I know its Arizona). Wink

    God Bless,


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