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KaseyaViews, username and password to accesss the database.

  • Hi Guys !

    Frist of all, sorry for m ybad  english ! Smile


    I´m Ricardo Fadeli, from the Open Computer Brasil, IT and cloud computing services, and we make desktops, notebooks and tablet-pcs.

    We just got the Kaseya IT Systems Management Software, and I need to acess the Kaseya Database.

    At at the System Tab, on the Kaseya´s Main Menu, I found the Database Access, and there says I can do it via KaseyaViews.

    There don´t have a field to insert an username to the KaseyaViews, just the fields to enter and confirm a New Password.

    If I enter to this New Password, what username I have to use to access the Kaseya´s database?


    USERNAME: ??????, maybe <kaseyaviews> ?
    PASSWORD:  <the one i´ll choose>

  • To access the database you need the SA and Password.