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Request for modification of License Manager

  • Good day to all!

    I love the new addition of License Manager into Kaseya. However, I find it needs an additional tweak to be properly functional for those of use who resale some of our Kaseya licenses. I suggest that if the parent machine group gets a count of licenses applied to it that it can also trickle down to the children as well. So for example, lets say I haveMAchine Group XYZ that has3 different sub machine groups with machine countsas such:

    XYZ 100

    1.XYZ 25

    2.XYZ 50

    3.XYZ 25

    Then if I applied 100 license to XYZ, then the they will be shared by the child groups. This means that Machine Group XYZ will have to tally the total # of machines in its children (Which it actually does under create/delete function in system).

    FYI - you could still apply to just children by not applying them directly to the parent... thereby having the best of both worlds.

    Finally, until this type of change is made I will be unable to use this feature because the child machine groups change machine counts frequently (portables and other reasons) and it would be too much of a hassle to manage this.

    Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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  • We would like to keep it as-is so there is an option to charge the root group (by adding the sub-groups together) or charge by-client using the sub-groups (as it is today).

    Maybe Kaseya could add a checkbox to enable this feature, but it should stay the same by default.

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