Hi there,

I am very new to Kaseya and currently am getting things up and running.

We are experiencing some anomolies with patch mgmt.

Problem 1
Server 2003 machine with SP2. Kaseya reports this machine as SP2 pending. SP2 was installed a few weeks ago and there have been many scans since installation. I am not sure why this is doing this or how to start troubleshooting?

Problem 2
XP machine with MSDE installed. Kaseya reports this machine as requiring SP3a. SP3a has been installed manually as per Kaseya's request as its not an automated patch. Subsequest scans reports this patch as still missing. I manually downloaded MBSA and scanned the machine and it reports this patch as installed and reports no other problems on the machine in question.

Problem 3
MSXML3-SP7-EN. Kaseya says the user must be logged in to install. We have tried this with no success.

With all these issues, I am after some ideas or even low level docco on how to troubleshoot patch mgmt.

All assistance is greatly appreciated.

God Bless,

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