Here is the situation. We have a MSDE backend Kaseya that is hovering right at 2GB of space. We want to upgrade to SQL server. The automated database backups are not functioning. After a week of back and forth with Kaseya support trying things they had me install Enterprise manager and they did a manual backup, then instructed me to wait while they find out if that got everything or not.

That was 6 hours ago as we plug towards the weekend with the database growing leaving support voice mails and e-mails with no response. I am very concerned that the server will not make it through the weekend before hitting 2GB.

Will a standard SQL server backup of the Kaseya database work for restoring after reinstalling Kaseya using SQL 2000? The automated Kaseya backup also creates a standard SQL .bak file so I would assume that is the case but this is not something I can afford to screw up by assuming.

Thanks for any input!

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