I had questions about what issues to anticipate when we apply 4.6and got these answers:

Any changes in bandwidth requirements?
There are no changes in bandwidth in the new version.

Is all of the off-site backuptraffic now passing through our K-server?
The offsite backup data goes from the machine to the offsite location directly, there is no traffic going through the kaseya server.

Any server configuration changes (for our K-server as well as the localand remote Storage servers)?
The kaseya server configuration does need to be changed because the offsite backup settings are now different. You will need to configure the offsite settings.
The offsite backup now uses a direct TCP connection to back up the data. You can choose the port that you want to use. You will need to open that port on the offsite firewall to allow your machines to connect and copy the files.

Will the 4.5 backups still be valid and useable in the new environment?
The 4.5 backups will be replaced with new 4.6 backups when they first run. The directory structure is different for 4.6 so if you need to restore one of your old backups you will need to copy the tib files to a different folder - instructions are in the Help files.

Will a new backup agent need to be loaded on every machine that isusing Kaseya backup, and if so what is the procedure?
You will need to install the new backup tool on each machine, if you want to use it. The procedure is, go to the backup tab -> install, select the machines that you want to install it on and schedule this. If you have a large number of machines on a single site, you might want to use the local file server to push the backup module out. Information about this can be found in the help.

Will the security driver problem on Win 2003 Server be a problem again? (needed user input to complete)
I believe that the driver problem has been resolved by using a digitally signed driver.

Will a new Kaseya Agent need to be deployed on all managed machines,and is that built in as an automated, silent process?
You will need a new kaseya agent on each machine, it is built in and silent, you just need to go to the client tab -> update agent.

Will all of the machine and group settings persist in the transition?
All the machine groups will remain.

When will we get (or where can we find) detailed documentation on usingthe new features?
There is no documentation, per se. The help files have been updated, all new areas of the product are now in there. There are also training sessions online at http://www.kaseya.com/cmp1/webinars.phtml

Is there a procedure for reporting bugs in the new version?
To report bugs, email them to support@kaseya.com with details and screenshots if applicable

Is there a list of known bugs?
There are no known bugs in 4.6 at this time.

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