A similar issue has popped up once or twice before and uninstalling the client and then reinstalling it seemed to resolve the issue. However, on this third one I did a bit more digging and wonder if others might have had the same experience.

Essentially, the client is running along fine and suddenly disconnects from the VSA server. Investigation shows it is still operating properly and has an open connection path to the server. However, it cannot seem to authenticate and the following is recorded in the kserver log;

WARNING: Unable to retrieve user information from the database due to error 20481. Cannot authenticate user

ERROR: received a 4 byte message with an unknown ID 0xAE08255E

Kaseya Server Thread 1521655 is terminating because it received an illegal message from computername at IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

As mentioned I have seen similar scenarios a couple of time in the past and completely removing then recreating the client resolves the issue -- though that is not something good to do frequently.

Any thoughts? -- seemed worthwhile to try here before going to support.


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