I have a client that has the DR (Backup Agent) running with a volume backup every 7 days and incremental every day to a workstation HDD. The backups are running fine.

Today, I receiveda call from the client stating that they deleted some files and need them restored. This was my chance to try out the DR feature and remotely restore the missing files. But.....

Every time I try to mount a volume to explore it, I keep getting the error :

Mount failed.
User must be logged in to mount the volume.
That user must have access rights to "\\workstation\!0Images"

I remotely logged into their server as administrator and see the DR files on the workstation just fine. I remotely logged into the workstation as administrator and see the DR files just fine. I even logged into the VSA as administrator to see if that is where the error is coming from. I don't know where else to log into.

Now, I have tested the restore and it worked fine on a local LAN lab. Is it a remote issue ? Do I need to be at the client site to restore ?

Any one have an idea on what may be going on ?



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