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Managing Application Change exclusions

  • A while ago I set up some exclusions to keep from being drowned in crap from WSUS, etc. I surely don't need alerted every time "C:\temp\odt.exe" is removed and readded, which seems to happen almost daily.

    But these exclusions seem to have disappeared -- I think. I don't see any way to tell what the current exclusions are. Have I missed something?

    And I also don't see any way to have the "Exclude directories" reference a predefined list, file or anything that can be edited. No practical way to set up a few different exclusion lists and reuse them. You get to add to it or replace it, that's all you get.

    So I checked this forum, and see little discusson on this. Do you think it's because nobody wants to monitor applications, or just because the function works so poorly that nobody wants to waste their time on it?


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  • I too would like to know if there are any advances on this.

    Adding ten different locations each time a new computer is added to a group or to the system is getting painful. Is there an easier way?


    This post is from 2009, so it may have been created before Policy Management existed.

    You can define the settings in a Policy and apply them to orgs/mach groups/machines.

    An alternative would be to use Agent > Copy Settings (More of a manual and legacy function opposed to Policy):

    **Note: This will copy all of the fixed alerts from the selected source machine to the target machine**

    I would recommend Policy Management over Copy settings functionality for this use case.