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Script to totally clean up a workstation

  • Can anybody post a script and tools they are using to have Kaseya TOTALLY and automatically clean up a workstation? One that will hopefully:

    - Check all major AV updates are current
    - Run a command line based Spyware package that does a great job
    - Defragmentation (this one’s pretty easy)
    - Anything else you're doing that’s valuable

    I know that Kaseya has it's built in script, but it's OLD.

    Any help would we GREATLY APPRECIATED by all I'm sure!

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  • Your idea of "totally" and mine probably aren't the same, though. And (he said, philosophically) is there truly a way to achieve total cleaning through automation? Never mind that there are very few command-line-friendly anti-spyware products, let alone products that do "a great job." (The gods know I've looked. Argh.) You're heavily into YMMV territory.

    With that said...

    I suppose I could build a "metascript" which would call my DAT-checker (though, we're on KES now so this isn't terribly useful) and my SpyBot-runner and my JkDefrag-er and my CCleaner-er. What we try to do, though, is minimize the performance hit on the client side so we spread the script scheduling for things out a bit. That's just our particular policy, however.

    I recommend searching the forum for the kinds of scripts you want (everything I mention above is documented here, IIRC) and assemble/edit to taste.

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