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Pricing and Profitability Models

  • We use Kaseya and ConnectWise. We are recently new to the managed services model and currently charge $52 for workstations and $89 for servers with Budr and Kes in an all you can eat model. I'm curious what other MSPs are charging? We are working on getting some decent profitability numbers out of connectwise, currently I'm looking at help desk hours per workstation as a general indicator.

    Anyone else care to share?

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  • Crap! That's too cheap! I suggest you do one ofthe following:
    a) Charge per workstation supported... period. Try for $110 - $125 per workstation. This means that there will be no other hidden charges (per server, network, email, etc...). this means its one simple , calculated price.
    b) Your per server price is out of whack. I'd charge $250 per server, and if they have any specialized applications (such as Exch or SQL) I'd charge $100 per. Charge $100/mo for backup/recovery support (unless you live in hurricane country, then charge 3x's that!). Include KES for all workstations supported, but bring the price up to $60/mo.

    I do like option A as the simplest, and if you do the math you'll find both options usually come to the same total.

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  • The price you charge must be something you are happy with.

    My initial thought was also "Crap, that is cheap" But, I do not understand your circumstance. (target market and competition)

    I can suggest that if you don't have customers coming back to you saying "Your prices are high" then you probably aren't charging enough.

    Keep your pricing model simple. We had one that had different prices for desktops, laptops, servers, thin clients, printers, routers and switches. And it was too complicated.
    We now have Server and Workstation prices only.

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  • I'll step in to bat for a simple pricing model and perhaps some higher prices as well.

    Here is what I used as a base when we first started out and I pretty much use it today but I have a better feel for what sites will be higher maintenance then normal. (Such as custom apps or 3rd party mission critical apps) We generally plan and quote based on an hour per desktop/workstation and three hours per server. With that we provide BUDR backups/offsite copies for servers and offsite backups for desktops, KES, and all you can eat support. We also don't do our full hourly rate but at the reduced rate we give signed clients for special/extra projects. If they buy new desktops from us we don't charge to setup a new one. If they buy recommended systems (say they use their own dell credit) we charge an hour and half for the initial setup. We also host their DNS/Website if they would like. The only extras we might charge for would be $150 for each remote site to maintain the VPN/Firewall. We also may buy more space for offsite backups if the pool we offer is not enough. (2GB per desktop/50GB per server all pooled)

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  • We are an MSP in a very tight vertical marketplace - I want to say the same WOW too cheap - but you must look at the overall larger picture of what you market will bear.

    In our case we have clients far above you numbers but more often than not it is about packaging - we bundle the support along with other products and this allows for us to use the power of Kaseya, while providing a service that cannot be matched by our (e.g.: custom programing backed up with remote support service) I'd rather win the programming deal versus to sell the deal on based on MSP alone.

    To summarize - you need to do what you will. But I am more in line with 100 - 125 per node. Build a strong base and be flexible on the packaging (size, term, renewal, etc.)

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