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  • Hi there
    Hoping you can help in the legalities around a trial of a managed service.
    Do you think we should ask the customer to sign off on terms and conditions of a free trial agreement? We need them to understand they will be installing stuff on their network & our "best efforts" doesn't mean we will guarantee nothing will go wrong.

    Is there a resource I can go to for some wording? W e have the T&Cs of the final agreement all OK, iti s just the trial we are stuck at


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  • I would suggest some type of waiver that will not hold your responsible for events on their network. Should something happen, the first thing they will probably point to is the trial in an attempt to possibly get a free fix on the issue. Regardless, you need something should you end up in court.

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  • Before you install any agents, ensure that the potential client is aware of what Kaseya can do and/or allow. Remote Access is a big one, as is scripting. Even though in a trial you typically won't be using the remote access features, they need to be aware that you will have complete access to their entire network for the duration of that trial. Remember all Master Admins can basically do whatever they want...pretty scary if you don't have access levels set up for people.

    You will also need to tell them what you will/won't do, and how you plan on limiting access to their network from your own employees. That client needs to know that your L1 tech can't reboot their systems, delete files, remote into machines, etc. etc. (and who can)

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  • Remember that typically most msp's find that it takes about 3 months to clean up a system that they take over. You need to define what your mission is for this first 30 days. If it's just an audit to show what problems they have then great.

    We will go into a new client, through on agents, let them grab data for a few days and then run reports. Then we sit down with the client after doing a walk through and discuss our findings and discuss going forward with direction.

    We give everyone an out with 30 days notice for any of our plans.


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  • What kind of data are you capturing for trial clients? We are currently giving trials to clients and I am wondering what kind of information I could show our clients to make them run warm for getting into managed services. Which reports do you run? Custom reports or built-in Kaseya reports?


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  • We provide the client with the following on an initial audit. Along with giving them information, use your audit to find opportunities.

    1) Inventory - Summary lists, no-one goes through the detailed summaries. Way too many pages.
    2) CPU & Memory - One of the biggest things they will be looking for where they need to spend money. One of your areas you will want to know if you will be taking over crap or the latest and greatest.
    3) Add Remove Programs - Highlighting things like Limewire, MSN Messenger etc, that business typically do not want.
    4) Software Licenses - This can be a touchy area because you wlil often find the same license used over and over and it may take work to find if it's legal corporate version or not and they might be a little embarresed by what you find.
    5) Monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk Space) - Trend printouts are probably best looking for the ones that have regular issues. If there are issues.
    6) Internet History - I've made a post elsewhere about how you can do this with Kaseya . It's one of the things we are most often asked about. Just a summary list on a free audit, but they usually get really interested when they see facebook accounts for 50% of Internet Usage.
    7) Review the things on how they are doing business, this takes a little hands on review. We look for ways they can improve mail, are files stored locally or on server, are backups run regularly, are things like SQL and Sharepoint that need special backups run properly, is there firewall secure, is there wireless secure.

    With just the above, almost every site we've visited, we've been able to identify something and usually a number of things that are a problem.

    Unfortuantely so many problems sometime that they don't want to talk to us again. But those are usually the customers that aren't ready to take the journey to do things better and you don't nessecarily want them for managed services customers. Bill those ones by the hour until they realize there is a better way.

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