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  • Hi All

    We are updating our service offerings and if you would care to comment of what you have found effective in your market? Managed Services is very new in Australia/New Zealand, and a lot of effort is required in educating our clients about the concept.

    Is anyone offering anything other than the Gold, silver, Platinum plans?

    Do you charge per server/workstation or per site?

    Do you offer 24/7 support? - Do you add penalty for using the services outside core office hours?

    What is is the biggest selling feature to close the deals?

    Thankyou in advance


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  • There are probably a hundred ways to do it. The best solution for us, may not be the best solution for you. It took us about 3 months to finally settle on how we wanted to market ourselves and structure our services, we read tons of books, hit the blogs and generally discussed as many options as we could. We are also constantly revising little things to better suit us and our clients.

    If you have current "break/fix" clients that you are in great standing with, I would ask them? Explain the proactive nature, and the features that Managed Services can provide and they will tell you what they would expect or want to choose.

    To actually answer your question though, from what I can tell the tiered "gold" "silver", etc. type packages are the most common. As far as 24/7 support, unless you plan on actually having techs sitting at consoles 24/7 don't market yourselves that way. Instead you could probably say you offer "24/7 monitoring"...I mean technically your Kaseya server is up all the time, right?

    Here are some resources that we have found helpful:
    Amazon.com Books Link - No idea how you will work out shipping...sorry
    MSP University
    Kaseya's own emPower "MSRP" - I would start here, Kaseya and their emPower program helped us plus it has a toolkit that has TONS of resources.

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  • You are asking good questions! My company is brand new to Kaseya and to the managed workstation marketplace, although we have been offering outsourced managed services for the Cisco infrastructure marketplace for over 10 years.

    Your customer’s desire "free" access to your tech support and you need to control or limit access to your labor pool. We plan to offer the whole Kaseya toolset, VSA, BU/DR, KES and User state; by doing so we automate as much of the customer SLA as possible. The challenge for an MSP is limiting access to your human capitol so you can control cost and stabilize your product delivery margin. Here’s what we plan to do to control our labor cost while providing the customer what they desire:

    1) We are offering 2 SLA’s: Our lower priced SLA will include 30 minutes of help desk support per PC managed per month delivered during the workday (weekends and evenings are billed extra). The customer can use all of their allotted time on one call during the month or they can place many calls. The unused time does not carry forward, and should they go over their time allotment, our company will bill the overage in 15 minute increments. the customer has a bunch of time included in their SLA so they do not hesitate to call you for help (A good customer benefit) and you know exactly how much labor is included in your product pricing so you know exactly what your realized margin will be each month. This approach protects you from the "all you can eat help desk buffet," where you sign up a customer with your least expensive SLA who calls you all day long every day and you end up losing money each month! (I heard this complaint over-and-over at the Kaseya conference.)

    2) Our higher priced SLA includes unlimited access to our help desk during M-F 8am -6PM, however, we bill additional for support after hours and on weekends (If my company incurs overtime so will the customer.) Our increased pricing on this SLA is to recognize the additional human labor cost we will be incurring by providing unlimited daytime access. You end up betting that the average help desk labor will be "x" amount so that you can plan for a reliable gross margin. In our planning I have spoken with a bunch of experienced workstation MSP's and I was happy to learn that they gave me the same average amount of time a unlimited help desk SLA incurs in support time per PC per month! So we baked that planned cost into our SLA pricing and we will hope for the best... It is a gamble, but an educated one! LoL

    I hope this helps you... one thing is for sure there is more than one way to skin this cat!

    Good luck!

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