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(Trend Micro AntiVirus Uninstall) Kaseya Scripting Functionality

  • TrendUninstall.txt
    I am currently using Kaseya forTrend Micro Antivirus uninstallations on workstations and being from a VB Scripting\Microsoft SMS background i mainly use VB Scripts.

    Attached is a VB Script that i wrote and does the following:

    - Detects if Trend Micro Antivirus is installed.

    - Determines whether script will continue or terminate (based on installation instance).

    - Modifies registry entries to enable Trend uninstallation and removes uninstall password feature.

    - LaunchTrend ntrmv.exe file for uninstall.

    The way i do this with Kaseya is to do the following:

    - Deploy the file to the workstations temp directory via (Distribute file).

    - Launch the vb script via a Kaseya script that uses the (Execute in Shell).

    It all works perfectly fine but would like to knowif i canuse the Kaseya scripting interface to do what my VB Script does and how would i do it ?

    (P.S.) My VB script can be used by anyone if theyfeel like it !


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  • I know this is a really old post but does the script still work for all versions of Trend Micro?

    Also, where can i download the .exe file