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  • I would be happy to continue to pay the maintenance and use KES, but when I can't get accurate reporting of Event ID's, 10 different ways to have to gather Backup Exec statuses, and no humancontact from Kaseya since we signed the contract and sent the check. The only time I hear from Kaseya is to sell me training, new add-ons, and maintenance.

    2500 seats and a couple grand a month and they can't get stuff fixed from 2 versions ago. My tech sends requests and gets virtually no support and sometimes no response unless its from this forum. It makes companies like Zenith look more interesting. I haven't seen much improvement on KES since we bought it. SNMP is still a dream.

    Maybe they should spend more time on their core product instead of creating a ConnectWise look-alike. I guess that's my 2c worth.

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  • I must echo a similar sentiment. I think that our maintenance fees are not going to adequate product enhancement/improvement.

    The enhancements to the core Kaseya tools have been completely underwhelming over the past 18 months. Am I glad they've made the enhancements? Sure. But we've been expecting much more progress than we've seen so far. And no clear view of their roadmap.

    And when we hear they are spending time to build a billing module and other things to compete with ConnectWise, I just don't get it.

    The pricing for KES is indeed too high to make it attractive. But the technical glitches and slow performance are the bigger killers for us. Yet, that only goes to underscore the question of what exactly is Kaseya spending their development dollars (which come from our maintenance fees) on? A well planned and developed AV add-on would not have the short-comings and poor reception that KES has had.

    And if the add-ons aren't improving all that much, where are the core function improvements such as software asset management, cross-platform support, and many other often discussed topics?

    Rant done.

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  • This is the first I have heard that they are spending money on a billing module. How on earth can they expect to compete with a billing module on the scale of a lot of other big companies that, that is all they have been doing for years. It is a waste of time and our money. One thing I think that is being missed here but is kinda between the lines is that we are all not just bothered by the KES pricing but the entire pricing structure all together. What really great features have they come out with recently, I am not talking add-ons but features. It was great that we finally got vista support but that was a given. Of course it took quite a while to get that. Now we see why. They were developing the KES. We have started to use the free version of LogmeIn because we have had so much trouble with remoting into machines with VNC and Radmin. I know those tools are good, so the only bottleneck I see is in Kaseya. Just seems to me there are so many other avenues to increase the quality of the core product instead of all these add-ons you have to pay more for. At any rate sure would be great if Kaseya started paying attention to these forums and realize that the value for Managed Servie providers is getting smaller and smaller as time goes on. I hope we see some change.

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  • Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to comment on the pricing complaints regarding KES. We are in the UK and with the 30% discount offered on KES for us it would work out at around £13 per seat ($26 US). For me this is a cost effective solution. When i look at a typical 10 user 1 server deployment of Symantec or McAfee corporate editions it works out at £25-30 ($50) per seat. Obviously the renewals are cheaper after 12 months. But still i can make a profit selling KES over other vendors. And with the Exchange features coming it can only be better. I am not sure of price differences with the USA and UK but looking at it we can make a profit. Renewals in 12 months however are another matter. I know of the issues with KES but the ones we were experiencing have been addressed.

    Any thoughts?

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  • JTomkinson,

    I can't speak for others but when I express concern about pricing for KES, I'm comparing it to direct AVG pricing. We are a Grisoft reseller (it's not hard to become one) and we already know how cheaply AVG can be purchased compared to McAfee and Symantec.

    To be honest, if KES were implemented with a fee structure that allowed us to selectively choose between full AV (anti-virus)plus AS (anti-spyware) or just AV-only on a client by client basis, we'd probably go with KES even though it costs quite a bit more than we can buy AVG directly.

    As many people have learned (and we learned as well many months ago when we tested it), KES with AS enabled can be a resource hog on many machines. That's why we primarily deploy the AV-only version of AVG (which is 50% of the price ofthe combined AV & AS product)and we're buying a small quantity ofAVG with AV & AS for those customers/machines that want it and can handle the resource impact. With KES, you're forced to pay for AS even if we end up disabling it due to performance reasons.

    I agree with you that I've never seen Symantec or McAfee pricing at the low pricing levels that others have claimed on this forum. But I can definitely confirm that AVG is extremely inexpensive to buy directly.

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  • Kentschu,

    Whats the AVG product edition that Kaseya is using for KES so i can check UK pricing?

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  • AVG Anti-malware Network Edition

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