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ConnectWise Versus AutoTask

  • Medde wrote:

    I took your advice and got Connectwise. They have been extremely hard to deal with and seem to be stuck on me doing all their proprietary setup. I have contacted support and can't get any help so I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me on the MSP integration part?

    Thanks, ME

    Somthing must be really wrong with your install (as in Connectwise scheduling). This is rare. I would contact your salesman and tell him somthing is up.

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  • Well what would you recommend I tell them? I couldn't get a sales person to call me back for three days when I first bought it. I am not impressed with their customer service at all. I thought this great product was to make all the difference.

    The sales will tell me to contact support. Sales didn't care that I was ready to walk away because of their response time before I even bought. Now that I have bought I have nothing to bargin with. I will just be out a lot of money and much more time. I have sent emails, post on the customer portal and they are doing nothing.

    When you contact the Office Manager and she won't even respond, you know you are in a mess. At the current I can't finish my install, my last session is Monday and I will be out of time to ask questions about the setup without paying an arm and a leg. They insist that the video's are enough and if you can watch them without falling asleep to that girls monotone voice she just describes the fields but without workflow explanation it is very lacking.

    Not meaning to vent here but I am very frustrated. I paid a lot of money, bought hardware, killed my CRM setup with all data in it to get ready for Connectwise and use that instead and I have been major disappointed. It really bothers me too that what I am having so much trouble with is part of a proprietary setup that they should be doing. They never tell you until you buy and sign the dotted line.


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  • What kind of problems are you having?

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  • We're new to Connectwise and have not seen how Connectwise "Gets IT". I was actually kind of disappointed.

    I'd be interested in what kinds of things you are referring to as far as "I can't believe they thought of that".


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  • I've just finished my last Implementation session as well. I was on AutoTask for about 1 year and it had it's issues as well. On a couple of your points I would have to agree. Setup is a bear, but then again look at it this way every business is different and it good to not be so canned with everything. AutoTask is very canned and if your business doesn't run that way then tough.

    If you pissed about attachments, then you would be pissed at AutoTask. You can't have an attachment to email in AutoTask. Here are some of the other can'ts I couldn't live without any longer in AutoTask.

    1. No Treading of Messages
    2. No Attachments Via Email
    3. Email tickets Requires a 3rd party product to add XML tags
    4. Default Contacts/Agreements don't work in AutoTask when a ticket is open via email.
    5. Customer Portal is some cryptic link. If the customer loses the email forget about getting to the correct portal. We had to add a link to our website otherwise no one could remember it.
    6. Contract/Agreements are very ridgid. Can't include hours with maintenance or block times requires you to prepopulate each month separately which required a Ph.D in AutoTask software to configure.

    Besides the above, the biggest reason I switched was because our efficiency went from 2 minutes on filling out a ticket to 15 minutes. That was valuable time lost to poor workflow. Also I ended up spending about 4-5 hours each month redo'ing everyone tickets because they always selected the wrong contract.

    So far I LOVE connectwise in comparison to AutoTask and my staff has thanked me many times over for finally switching to a system that actually works. Another current problem with AutoTask that they have had for some time now is that the system is extremely slow, lots of page time-outs and 404 errors. They keep sending messages out about upgrading capacity, etc... but nothing has worked to date.

    On your email connector problem. I agree. It took me an extra hour because they forgot a step in the doc's. Support never told me about it, I figured it out on my own, same thing with the MSP connector. What would be better for them is a couple configuration examples, but you are correctly they stop short in many places.

    If you need help send me a quick email. It's still fresh in my head and I don't mind helping a fellow IT person.


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  • JBland

    Be sure and submit a support ticket to CW to get the install docs fixed.

    Howard Cunningham


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