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Identify Dell servers with DRAC installed

  • I am trying to identify Dell servers that currently have DRAC cards installed, regardless of the configuration.  Using the PCI & Disk HW Inventory Report and the product filer *RAC* is resulting in a short list of servers containing the PowerEdge 3/Di RAC Virtual UART Port.

    I have not been successful using different filter types, "DRAC" for instance.  Is there a way to expand this search which may include additional versions of the card?  Any assistance is appreciated.

  • It seems you can't run reports on the system slots.  I've tried many combination like you have, but can't see to get the results.

    The system slot designator should be RAC_CONN

  • Perhaps you could leverage the racadm command?  I'm not sure if this utility is present on all servers with a DRAC card or not.  I tested it on one of my servers, using racadm getsysinfo and it outputs some info you could use a log parser on potentially.    It may be that racadm isn't even present on systems without a DRAC, in which case testing for the existence of racadm might be enough....

  • Thanks

  • Just curious if anybody every figured this out...

  • We've used LAN watch to figure this out.  Run it with SNMP enabled and the DRAC card will be indicated in the list.

  • community.kaseya.com/.../61126.aspx

    I posted a procedure I wrote to do this.  Hope it helps someone.