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Load Balancing kservers

  • Well, I thought I knew how to do this, and I also thought that it was a common occurance.

    I currently seem to be wrong on both counts.

    Maybe you do not need to, but I need to have multiple kservers talking to only one database. The reason is simple. I am adding lots of users and I need the ability to spread the workload across multiple machines while keeping the data in a single location, and getting all the benifits of reporting, etc... not to mention licensing, and cost structures.

    Does anyone else need this ability?
    Does anyone else know how to do it?
    Does anyone use load balancing now?

    For some reason.... " cause i'm stupid, i guess..." I thought this would be a pretty easy task to accomplish. Just add another kserver, tell it where the database is, and BLAM!... new kserver in business. more clients spread over more machines, means that I can do more work without bogging down a single server in a 24 HR period. Maybe that is where the problem starts..... having a single database deal with multiple patches at the same time on different servers, record keeping, etc.... DUNNO. I am not a software programmer, but it sounds reasonable.

    I just thought sure that the users here would have multiple IIS servers deployed for disaster issues, load balancing, network congestion, and the like.

    You BIG users of Kaseya.... how do you handle this issue?
    I need to know what you people think, because as we all grow our businesses, this is obviously going to come up.

    How funny to think that a MSP has a single point of failure using IIS. If the kserver goes down... bye bye business... no fall back position.

    Do not view this post as negative.... IT IS NOT.

    Please however, do reply with what your company is doing to take care of this issue currently.

    Thanks so much for your time Kaseya users.


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  • Hi there. Performance is something we have thought about a lot.

    Kaseya does not support multiple front-end servers at this time. I don't know of any plans to change this soon. While the fron-end server can be seperated from the back-end (SQL), the front-end server does also store data, files, and such so I believe this is the limitation in having multiple front-end servers. So basically you can't do what you are thinking there.

    This doesn't concern me too much though because I have noticed it is SQL that becomes the performance bottleneck. Recently we started to see performance issues on our server and we went from 2GB memory to 4GB. This has made a huge difference. FYI, weare using aHP DL380 with 15k RPM drives (SCSI).

    We are also growing fast and anticipate peformance issues to come. Since you can seperate SQL to a dedicated server from Kaseya, I anticipate that we will do this by next summer if things continue as they have been. We will be looking at at Least a 8-12GB MEMserver with DUAL or Quad proccessors. In addition, we will be looking at many options for disk to find high performance at a decent price. I can tell you that Kaseya's biggest bottleneck seems to be disk IO; so one of the best things you can do is put a fast disk subsystem behind it.

    Also, we would connect the SQL server to the front-end server over a dedicated 1000mbt connection (probably no hub between them). I think our existing DL380 will work more than excellent as a front-end server.

    This is what we are thinking so I hope this helps you. If you are worried about redundancy, then you could always cluster your SQL back-end. Then with the back-end safe and redundant all you would need for the front-end is a stand-by server (that is off) and a good backup system (like BUDR). This wouldn't give you zero downtime, but you could restore a front-end server in under 10 minutes (to a standby server)easy if you wanted to.

    In the end, performance can be solved by adding hardware. Make sure you buy enterprise for both the server and SQL and you can up the hardware until the performance is satisfactory.

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